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4-H Junior Leader program

December 29, 2015
2013 4-H Junior Leaders

Junior Leader program

Not a State Fair Exhibit


The 4-H Junior Leaders is a county wide club open to 4-H’ers in grade 7 and above. Its purpose is to build friendships, leadership and practical skills, and provide community services as needs arise.

Junior Leaders should be enrolled in another organized club and complete at least one 4-H project in addition to Junior Leader membership.

The Junior Leader project is activity-based and gives the member the opportunity to participate in a variety of hands on experiences in community development or by personally assisting others both in and out of 4-H.


♦  The offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are held by
    members in 9th grade or above. The office of President has a prerequisite of
    one year of participation as a Junior Leader.  

♦  The office of of Club Reporter and Activity Leader are held by members in
    grade 8 and above.


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