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Jay County 4-H Project Information

August 25, 2015

What is a 4-H Project?
A 4-H project is a series of learning experiences for 4-H members.  There are several project areas available for 4-H'ers to choose from in Jay County.  Most projects have manuals or books to assist the 4-H'er with the project.  4-H is a "learn by doing" program.  Leaders, Junior Leaders and parents are encouraged to teach and show members how to complete a task, but members are expected to learn how to do things themselves, and complete their own projects.  One of the fundamental principles of 4-H is that through successful hands-on activities, youth can build self-worth and a positive self-image.

How Much Does a Project Cost?
Project costs vary according to the selection of project and materials.  A member enrolled in crafts might use supplies from around the home to practice skills, and may have no additional expenses.  Whereas a member who buys and keeps a saddle horse might invest hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Members should consider cost as they select projects.  Projects should be realistic to the family situation.

What is an Exhibit?
An exhibit is an object or display designed to help youth demonstrate what they have learned.  A 4-H exhibit enables youth to explore their interests and might in turn be the start of a lifelong hobby or career path.  Completing an exhibit also helps youth to understand and build valuable life skills.  Exhibits are displayed and judged at the county and state fairs.  They range from posters and display boards to live animals.

Indiana State Fair
Certain 4-H projects earn the privilege of participating in the Indiana State Fair.  These are generally the exhibit hall type projects, all projects are listed in the handbook, each project states whether it is a state fair project or a county project.  

All members in the livestock, dogs, garden, horse and pony, floriculture and herb projects may participate in the Indiana State Fair.


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