Record the Earth-Earth Day Soundscape Festival
Celebrate Earth Day by attending the Earth Day Soundscape Festival with live music and dance performances and by recording Earth sounds.
Ron Rathfon with chestnut trees.
The American chestnut was once one of the most common tree species in eastern U.S. forests. Since the introduction of chestnut blight in the early 20th century, it has been reduced to a small number of scattered, yet diseased survivors.
Tom Turpin sports a butterfly bow tie in the same pattern of the swallowtail butterfly in his hand.
A colleague of mine once described a necktie as an elongated piece of fabric worn around the neck for no apparent reason. I'm sure some of our more fashionable friends might disagree. After all, even with questionable functionality the necktie is certainly a fashion statement.
Plant trees for shade, drawing on strategic planting
Homeowners can make their yards not only more attractive but their homes more energy-efficient by planting the right trees in the right place, a Purdue Extension urban forestry specialist says. Lindsey Purcell said trees create a cooling effect during the hot summer months and allow for passive solar gain - heat directly from the sun after leaves have fallen - during winter months.