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Ask an Expert: Handling Harvested Deer, Processing & Cooking Deer After Harvest

November 10, 2020
Deer Harvesting

Got? Nature Blog: Have questions about processing your own deer? You can improve the taste and enjoyment of your wild venison by following a few important tips that our extension specialists and educators will share with you in this FNR Facebook LIVE session November 12th at 12:00pm ET.  Bring your questions!

Many easy step by step resources will be shared from How to Score Your White-tailed Deer to Cutting, Grinding & Packaging.  Here is a quick view of the Purdue Extension – Forestry and Natural resources:

Video Series:
Handling Harvested Game: Episode 1, Field Dressing
Handling Harvested Game: Episode 2, Hanging & Skinning
Handling Harvested Game: Episode 3, Deboning
Handling Harvested Game: Episode 4, Cutting, Grinding & Packaging

Publications and More Videos:
White-Tailed Deer Post Harvest Collection, video, The Education Store, Purdue Extension resource center
Deer Harvest Data Collection, Got Nature? Blog, Purdue Extension-Forestry & Natural Resources (FNR)
Age Determination in White-tailed Deer, video, The Education Store
How to Build a Plastic Mesh Deer Exclusion Fence, The Education Store
Purchase Your 2020-2021 Hunting License, Now Available Online, Got Nature? Blog, Purdue Extension-FNR
Indiana Hunting & Trapping Season 2020-2021 (pdf), Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Department of Fish & Wildlife
Indiana Hunting & Trapping Guide, IN DNR, Department of Fish & Wildlife

Jarred Brooke, Wildlife Extension Specialist
Purdue Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

Jonathan Ferris, Wayne County Extension Director
Purdue Extension

Dave Osborne, County Extension Director
Purdue Extension

Rod N Williams, Professor of Wildlife Science
Purdue University Department of Forestry and Natural Resources


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