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Yellowstriped armyworm
Q. I have a worm eating my flowers. The flowers are in a tall planter so I am wondering if I need to add something to the base of the planter to keep them from coming up the plants OR are they hatching out on the plants? Some of the damage is caused by small slugs as well.Can you tell me what kind of worm this is? Also, what do you recommend to deter them?
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September's to-do list of gardening activities for your home, yard and garden.
the Asian long-horned beetle
August is peak emergence season for the invasive Asian long-horned beetle, a pest that poses a serious threat to shade trees. A Purdue University entomologist is urging people to perform their annual tree checkup for these destructive insects. In just a few minutes, people can determine if their trees are infested and save countless other trees through early detection.
typical appearance of a chigger bite
Dear Dr. Tim, Every time I go out to pick raspberries I come home with chiggers. They itch like the blazes and especially so in very sensitive places. What are chiggers and why am I plagued by them? Thanks, Itchy
Sycamore tree bark
Q. We have a large sycamore tree in our yard. Every summer it sheds its bark over a few weeks' time. I think as it grows it is growing new bark and losing the old bark. Am I correct? - J.C., Walton, Ind.
a periodical cicada on the left, and an annual cicada on the right
In this month's column, Dr. Tim answers questions about cicadas. He addresses why they are so noisy, and why certain species of cicadas wait 17 years before emerging.
cucumber flower and fruit
If you've noticed that your cucumbers are a little (or a lot) bitter lately, don't give up hope. A little water, mulch and patience will provide relief.

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