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December 30, 2020

Manuals available:

Level 1 (Grades 3-5) The Incredible Pig

Level 2 (Grades 6-8) Putting the Oink in Pig

Level 3 (Grades 9-12) Going Whole Hog

** Fair Entry – You MUST register your 4-H project in Fair Entry if you plan to exhibit at the 4-H Fair. See page 21!**

Animal Health Requirements for Exhibition of Domestic Animals in Indiana can be found on page 33 of Fair book.

All livestock exhibitors MUST complete the animal I.D. portion of 4HOnline. This takes the place of the carbon enrollment forms. This must be completed by May 15. This DOES NOT enter you for the Indiana State Fair. See State Fair Animal Entry on page 40!


Show order: Gilts, underweight barrows, & barrows from lightest to heaviest; Showmanship: Beginner, Junior, & Senior

All swine must be identified in the Indiana 4-H Online Animal ID system by May 15 or earlier deadline set by county. The online animal ID website is located at: It is these ID types that are required to be in Indiana 4-H Online by the respective deadline. Any of these IDs that are missing, incomplete or incorrect will result in state fair ineligibility. The table of correct Animal ID’s can be found in this book under Required Animal ID Per Species.

  1. 4HOnline information will be mailed in April to all animal members who must submit their animal ID online.
  2. REQUIRED 840-RFID TAG in 4HONLINE– This field is now a required field for swine! Must enter 840-RFID tag for state fair eligibility. For county only animal where RFID tag is not required, put COUNTY ONLY.
  3. For Indiana State Fair eligibility, swine must be IDed by an 840-RFID tag, the pig’s ear notch, and have a DNA hair sample submitted in an envelope to the county Extension office by May 15. The envelope and RFID tag can be picked up in the Extension Office. For County Fair eligibility, swine must be entered in 4HOnline with required ID information (ear notch) by May 15. As of 2017, there will be no tags put in animals at the state fair! Swine must have an 840-RFID in their ear when they arrive at the state fairgrounds.
  4. In Fair Entry an exhibitor may register up to 15 gilts and 15 barrows. By fair, the exhibitor must restrict their animals to show a maximum of 3 gilts (any breed combination and age class) and 4 barrows (any breed combination).
  5. All pen assignment forms will be mailed in June!
  6. Swine will be tagged with RFID/county tag at time of unloading at county fair.
  7. All swine must be ear-notched.
  8. Only pigs born on or after January 1 of the year of the show will be eligible.
  9. All animals must be owned by May 15.
  10. All swine exhibitors will be required to provide the completed record sheet at unloading time.
  11. Barrows must weigh a minimum of 220 pounds to be eligible to compete for Grand Champion and sell in the auction.
  12. If swine does not weigh a minimum of 220 pounds, it can participate in lightweight classes, but cannot compete for grand champion nor can it be sold in the Auction, but can be sent on the market truck.
  13. Registration certificates are required for all purebreds. If pigs’ notches do not match registration form but do match enrollment form, they will show as crossbreds.
  14. A minimum of five-eighths (5/8) inch of hair length on the body is required for auction and market animals. Animals having less than one-half inch of hair (in length) on their body will not be eligible for Auction or Market sales. Hair length will be checked prior to Auction by the Auction Committee.
  15. No straw for bedding.


Purebred Gilts:

January Gilt — born on or after January 1 and before February 1 of this year.

February Gilt — born on or after February 1 and before March 1 of this year.

March Gilt — born on or after March 1 of this year and before April 1.

Crossbred Gilts:

Supreme Champion Gilt: All purebred and crossbred gilt champions will show for supreme champion.

Champion Market Gilt: Shown by weight only, no breed classes. Eligible to sell in auction provided the Gilt meets weight of at least 220 pounds. Market Gilts do not show for Supreme Champion Gilt and do not show against Barrows.

Barrows: Barrows will show either in purebred class or crossbred class by weight.

Showmanship: Beginner, Junior, & Senior (must show your own animal).

Mini Members show last.

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