4-H Announcements - Updated 10/06/2015
Classes & Etc.

4-H Academy Logo Needed

The name has been changed from 4-H Science Workshops to 4-H Academy @ Purdue. This was done to be more reflective of the diverse workshop sections that cover all three mission areas: Science, Citizenship and Healthy Living.

There is also a contest open to 4-H members to create the new logo for the new name.  The winner will have their logo used in publicity about the event and will receive a full scholarship to the 2016 4-H Academy @ Purdue. The only rule is that the logo must include the name as it reads above. Entries should be submitted to me at aaronfisher@purdue.edu by November 1, 2015. Please copy Lisa (lpetty@purdue.edu) on the email too so, we know you have submitted an entry. 

Thank you and Good Luck!!


4-H Auction Checks

Checks are ready to be picked up but MUST be picked up by a parent/guardian.  If someone else needs to pick a check up for you, you MUST send a NOTE or EMAIL stating it's ok for (the name of the person & relationship) to pick up (child's name) check, PRIOR to coming to the office. 



2016 4-H Show Dates - July 15 - July 22


Achievement Medal Applications 

Due 9/18/15

(see below for application)

Achievement Award Night - Tuesday, October 6th

(see link below for more information)


If you were a 4-H member that graduated in 2005

Please see link below.  THANKS!!!



By Lisa Petty, Secretary
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