4-H Fair Trophy Donors

PROJECTS                                                                     TROPHY DONORS


Grand Champion                                                            Brett & Shari Bayston

Reserve Grand Champion                                               Kris & Leslie Cragun


Grand Champion                                                            Kyle, Courtney & Owen Hen

Reserve Grand Champion                                               Cayla Mustin


Grand Champion                                                            Phil & Cyndy Gibbs

Reserve Grand Champion                                               Martin & Jolene Rice Family


Beef Poster Grand Champion                                           Joe & Ann Newsom & Family

Beef Poster Reserve Grand Champion                              Rob Wingerter

Angus Heifer Champion                                                   Rose Angus Farm/Harold & Virginia Rose

Angus Steer Champion                                                    In Memory of Jerry Ayers

                                                                                       (Betty L. Ayers)

Charolais Heifer Champion                                              New Ross Grain

Charolais Steer Champion                                               Michael Sedwick Family

Chianina Heifer Champion                                               Curt & Kristy Ward

Chianina Steer Champion                                                Fedor Feed & Grain

Crossbred Heifer Champion

Crossbred Steer Champion

Dairy Steer Champion                                                     Bob & Teresa McQuern

Hereford Heifer Champion                                               In Memory of George & Wanda Miller

                                                                                      (Miller Herefords)

Hereford Steer Champion                                               In Memory of Lloyd Miller

                                                                                     (Miller Herefords)

Limousin Heifer Champion                                              Andy & Vickie Grinstead

Limousin Steer Champion                                               Jim & Teresa Carter        

Maine-Anjou Heifer Champion                                         Luse Seed & Insurance Service, Inc.

Maine-Anjou Steer Champion                                          In Memory of our son Brayton Hiland

                                                                                     (Danny Hiland Family)

Maintainer Heifer Champion                                            Dickerson Bros. Farms

Red Angus Heifer Champion                                           Luse Seed & Insurance Service, Inc.

Red Angus Heifer Champion                                           Michael Sedwick Family

Saler Heifer Champion

Sim-Solution Heifer Champion                                        In Memory of Mark Cunningham, DVM

                                                                                     (David & Marsha Truitt)

Simmental Heifer Champion                                          Ryan Merrill & Family

Simmental Steer Champion                                            David & Kathy Budd

Shorthorn Heifer Champion                                             Merson Family

Shorthorn Steer Champion                                             Merson Family

Crossbred Steer Champion                                            Allen & Jane Mohler

Heifer Grand Champion                                                 Hollingsworth Show Cattle

Heifer Res. Grand Champion                                          Andy & Vickie Grinstead

Steer Grand Champion                                                  In Memory of Lynn Miller

                                                                                     (Merrill Family)

Steer Res. Grand Champion                                          In Memory of Ted Bennington

                                                                                        (Ted & Delana Bennington & Family)

Bo. Co. Born & Raised Heifer Champion                         Curt & Kristy Ward

Bo. Co. Born & Raised Steer Champion                          Kevin & Devin Kistler

Shorthorn Plus Heifer Champion                                    In Memory of Mark Cunningham, DVM

                                                                                      (David & Marsha Truitt)

Rate of Gain                                                                 In Memory of Kenny Dickerson

                                                                                   (Judy Dickerson)

Beginner Showmanship                                                 Tom & Judy Cunningham

Intermediate Showmanship

Advanced Showmanship                                                Cunningham Cattle Co.

                                                                                    (Bev, Chase & Mallory Cunningham)

Master Showmanship                                                     Doug Dickerson Family


Junior Champion                                                           The Donovan Family

Senior Champion                                                           David & Stephanie Clements


Grand Champion                                                           Cochran's Catering & Cakes

Reserve Grand Champion                                              Cochran's Catering & Cakes


Cat Poster Grand Champion                                           The Battcher Family

Cat Poster Reserve Grand Champion                               Martin Family—Steve, Sandy, Zach, Casey & Ben

Overall Short Hair All Other Champion                             Fedor Feed & Grain

Overall Short Hair Tabby Champion                                Douglas & Barbara Vawter

Overall Long Hair Champion                                           Humane Society for Boone County

Overall Purebred Champion                                           Zionsville Country Veterinary Clinic

Knowledge Beginner Champion                                      Mark & Mary Miller

Knowledge Intermediate Champion                                McDavitt Veterinary Clinic

Knowledge Advanced Champion                                     Jack & Linda Fahrenbach

Overall Point Winner Beginner Champion                         Humane Society for Boone County

Overall Point Winner Intermediate Champion                   The Battcher Family                      

Overall Point Winner Advanced Champion                        Humane Society for Boone County       

Cage Decorating Most Creative Champion                        Allen & Tonya Douglass

Cage Decorating Most Beautiful Champion                        John & Donna Padgett

Cage Decorating Best Use of Theme Champion                 Dan & Sharon Garrity & Family

Cage Decorating - People's Choice Champion                   Douglas & Barbara Vawter.

Grand Champion                                                            MPE Cleaning Systems

Reserve Grand Champion                                               Douglas & Barbara Vawter


Grand Champion                                                            Alpha Beta Chapter of Kappa, Kappa, Kappa, Inc.

Reserve Grand Champion                                               Ed & Susan Endres


Grand Champion                                                            Lisa Wallace

Reserve Grand Champion                                               Chadd & Jennifer Wheat


Grand Champion                                                            Bill & Janet Taylor

Reserve Grand Champion                                               Sines Enterprises and Peppermint Palace


Grand Champion                                                            Zionsville Eyecare /Dr. Jim Haines

Reserve Grand Champion                                               Amy & Rick Hammerle


Grand Champion                                                            Allen & Jane Mohler

Reserve Grand Champion                                               Gary & Janet Gordon


Grand Champion                                                            Bill & Janet Taylor

Reserve Grand Champion                                               Chadd & Jennifer Wheat


Corn Champion                                                             Chris Branaman

Hay Champion                                                              Everett Farms & Seed

Soybean Champion                                                       Chris Branaman

Wheat Champion                                                          Everett Farms & Seed


Dairy Poster Grand Champion                                       Cause Matters Corp,/Michele Payn-Knoper

Dairy Poster Reserve Grand Champion                          Bret, Leslie, Robbie & Evan Hine

Best Udder Class Champion                                          Donald Lee Family

Brown Swiss Grand Champion                                       Bryan Knoper

Brown Swiss Reserve Grand Champion                          Steve & Tammy Schenck

Commercial Dairy Grand Champion                               Cause Matters Corp,/Michele Payn-Knoper

Commercial Dairy Reserve Grand Champion                  Fedor Feed & Grain

Jersey Grand Champion                                               Harold & Joyce Shirley

Jersey Reserve Grand Champion                                  In Memory of Loren & Helen Nicley

                                                                                      (Paul Nicley Family)

Holstein Grand Champion                                             In Memory of Orville Carter

                                                                                       (Joanne Carter)

Holstein Reserve Grand Champion                                 Joanne Carter

Guernsey Grand Champion                                            Joanne Carter

Guernsey Reserve Grand Champion                               Tommas-Dolick Family

Milking Shorthorn Grand Champion                                 Fedor Feed & Grain

Milking Shorthorn Reserve Grand Champion                    Donald Lee Family

Supreme Dairy Champion                                              Carterly Farm, Inc./Charles & Margaret Carter

Dairy Beginner Showmanship                                         The Kissel Family

Dairy Intermediate Showmanship                                    Joan Dulin

Dairy Advanced Showmanship                                        Carterly Farm, Inc./Charles & Margaret Carter

Dairy Master Showmanship                                             John F. & Jeanne Shelburne


Dog Poster Grand Champion                                           Bob & Cindy Grimm

Dog Poster Reserve Grand Champion                              Tom & Carol Sparks Drake

Division 1a Champion                                                     Carol Connor/Sylana Meadows Labradors

Division 1b Champion                                                     Maryfield Family

Division 1c Champion                                                     Lebanon Eagles #2062

Division 2a Champion                                                     The Leman Family

Division 2b Champion                                                     Humane Society for Boone County

Division 3a Champion                                                     Carol Connor/Sylana Meadows Labradors

Advanced Division Champion                                           Ken & Beth McCormack

Beginner Agility Division A                                               The Ulmer Family

Beginner Agility Division B                                               The Ulmer Family

Advanced Agility Champion                                              The Ulmer Family

Rally Beginner A Champion                                              Tom & Carol Sparks Drake

Rally Beginner B Champion                                              Jerry & Elizabeth Rushton

Rally Intermediate A Champion                                        Carol Connor/Sylana Meadows Labradors

Rally Intermediate B Champion                                        Ken & Beth McCormack

Rally Excellence Champion                                              Ken & Beth McCormack

Novice Showmanship                                                      Tom & Mary Larkin

Advanced Novice Showmanship                                       Scott & Maueen Damer

Junior Showmanship                                                       Bob & Cindy Grimm

Senior Showmanship                                                      Zionsville Animal Hospital

Master Showman                                                           Ken & Beth McCormack

Open Senior Showmanship                                             Bob & Cindy Grimm

Novice Groomsman                                                        Ken & Beth McCormack

Intermediate Groomsman                                               McDavitt Veterinary Clinic, LLC

Junior Groomsman                                                         Zionsville Country Veterinary Clinic

Senior Groomsman                                                        Jerry & Elizabeth Rushton

Veterans Agility                                                             Ann Brown

Veterans Champion                                                       Donaldson’s Chocolate


Grand Champion                                                           Adams Electric, Inc. /Kirt & Cathy Adams

Reserve Grand Champion                                              Adams Electric, Inc./Kirt & Cathy Adams 


       Grand Champion                                                    David & Kanene Summers

       Reserve Grand Champion                                       Rob & Debbie Wingerter

FINE ARTS                            

       Grand Champion                                                    Guy & Sara Kubina

       Reserve Grand Champion                                       Jerry & Elizabeth Rushton


Grand Champion                                                           Boone County Master Gardeners

Reserve Grand Champion                                              Mounts Flowers & Gifts


Grand Champion                                                           Gary & Janet Gordon

Reserve Grand Champion                                              Jack & Linda Fahrenbach


Jr. Food Preservation Grand Champion                           Marvin & Shirley Lasley

Jr. Food Preservation Grand Champion                           Michael Sedwick Family

Sr. Food Preservation Grand Champion                          Rick & Carolyn Koontz

Sr. Food Preservation Grand Champion                          Aaron & Carolyn Everett

Jr. Foods-Baking Grand Champion                                 Jena Roy

Jr. Foods-Baking Reserve Grand Champion                    Jerry & Elizabeth Rushton

Sr. Foods-Baking Grand Champion                                In Memory of Evelyn Shanklin

                                                                                    (Richard Hawkins)

Sr. Foods-Baking Reserve Grand Champion                   Tom & Carol Sparks Drake


Grand Champion                                                          Scott & Vicki Ballentine

Reserve Grand Champion                                             Chadd & Jennifer Wheat


Grand Champion                                                          In Memory of Morton "Bud" Belcher

                                                                                     (Judi Wilson)

Reserve Grand Champion                                             Tim & Susan Plunkett


Grand Champion                                                         Boone County Genealogical Society

Reserve Grand Champion                                            Tim & Susan Plunkett


Grand Champion                                                         Deborah & Mark Frisby

Reserve Grand Champion                                            Roy & Kathy Flanary


Grand Champion                                                        Marcia & Mike Mustin

Reserve Grand Champion                                           Kent & Charlotte Frandsen


Dairy Goat Poster Grand Champion                             Timothy M. Jones

Dairy Goat Poster Reserve Grand Champion                Mark C. Lakshmanan

Light Weight Dairy Goat Champion                              Richard Hawkins

Medium Weight Dairy Goat Champion                          Richard Hawkins

Heavy Weight Dairy Goat Champion                           Joe & Margaret Stefanik

Junior Doe Grand Champion                                      Allen & Tonya Douglass  

Junior Doe Reserve Grand Champion                         In Memory of Rick Ping

                                                                               (Phil, Kathy & Erika Staton)

Senior Doe Grand Champion                                     Evan & Kasha Smith & Family

Senior Doe Reserve Grand Champion                        Gary & LeeAnn Sanders

Supreme Champion Dairy Goat Doe                          In Memory of Becky Hawkins

                                                                               (Richard Hawkins)

Dairy Wether Goat Grand Champion                          Fedor Feed & Grain

Dairy Wether Goat Reserve Grand Champion             Jason & Anna Scott & Family

Beginner Herdsman                                                  John & Donna Padgett

Intermediate Herdsman                                            David & Stephanie Clements

Advanced Herdsman

Overall Herdsman                                                    Zionsville Eyecare/Dr. Jim Haines


Meat Goat Poster Grand ChampionBrett & Shari Bayston

Meat Goat Poster Reserve Grand Champion

Light Weight Meat Goat Champion

Medium Weight Meat Goat ChampionJeff & Tanya Jackson

Heavy Weight Meat Goat ChampionGeorge & Nancy Morton

Percentage Meat Goat Jr. Doe Champion

Percentage Meat Goat Sr. Doe Champion

Purebred Meat Goat Jr. Doe Champion

Purebred Meat Goat Sr. Doe ChampionPam Hill-Gibson

Meat Goat Jr. Doe Grand ChampionRusty & Jody Solomon Family

Meat Goat Sr. Doe Grand ChampionBill & Sharon Walker

Meat Goat Doe Supreme ChampionBill & Sharon Walker

Meat Goat Doe Reserve Supreme Champion

Grand Champion Meat Goat WetherNicholson Orthodontics

/Dr. James Nicholson

  1. Rusty & Jody Solomon Family

Meat Goat Market Doe Grand ChampionTimmons Feed & Farm

Meat Goat Market Doe Reserve Grand Timmons Feed & Farm


Beginner Herdsman

Intermediate Herdsman

Advanced HerdsmanBill & Joan Shoemaker

Overall Herdsman

Beginner Showmanship

Intermediate ShowmanshipFedor Feed & Grain

Advanced Showmanship

Master ShowmanshipJack & Linda Fahrenbach


Grand Champion Jim & Heather Michalke

Reserve Grand ChampionKent & Charlotte Frandsen


Grand ChampionGary & Janet Gordon

Reserve Grand ChampionDeborah & Mark Frisby


Horse & Pony Poster Grand ChampionPhil & Cyndy Gibbs

Horse & Pony Poster Reserve Grand ChampionBarbara L. Portell

Horsemanship Champion         Ron & Ronda Holloman Family          Horse & Pony Barrel Racing Champion       Ray & Anna Davis

       Flags Champion                 Ray & Anna Davis

       Pole Bending Champion    Ray & Anna Davis

       Key Hole Race Champion       Chris & Sandy DeVol Family

       Speed & Action  Kristy & Joe Grinstead, Jr. & Family

       Costume Champion           DeVol & Son Garage

       Halter Gelding 56" & Under Champion                 Barbara L. Portell

       Halter Gelding Over 56" Champion   Barbara L. Portell

       Halter Mare 56" & Under Champion      Brett & Shari Bayston

Halter Mare Over 56" ChampionTom & Carol Sparks Drake

Hunt Seat Equitation Champion Tom & Carol Sparks Drake

Hunter Under Saddle Champion McDavitt Veterinary Clinic

Western Pleasure ChampionIn Memory of Ray K. Everett, Sr.

English Type Gelding 56" DeVol & Son Garage

   & Under Champion

English Type Gelding Over 56" ChampionTom & Carol Sparks Drake

English Type Mare 56" & Under ChampionTom & Carol Sparks Drake

English Type Mare Over 56" ChampionBarbara L. Portell

English Grades 3, 4 & 5 ShowmanshipScott & Brandy Moss Family Champion

English Grades 6 & 7 ShowmanshipCrum Farms


English Grades 8 & 9 ShowmanshipJay & Teresa Musselman


English Grades 10, 11, & 12 ShowmanshipTom & Carol Sparks DrakeChampion

Western Grades 3, 4 & 5 ShowmanshipIn Memory of Ron & Maxine DeVol Champion(Ron & Ronda Holloman)

Western Grades 6 & 7 ShowmanshipBarbara L. Portell


Western Grades 8 & 9 ShowmanshipEddie & Mary Lenderman


Western Grades 10, 11, & 12 ShowmanshipThe Plunkett Family


Horse & Pony Master ShowmanshipThe Ramsey Family


Grand ChampionMark C. Lakshmanan

Reserve Grand ChampionKent & Charlotte Frandsen


Grand Champion Gary & Joanie Emmert

Reserve Grand ChampionRichard A. Brier


Grand ChampionWilma Jean Revell

Reserve Grand ChampionGene & Pam Keck


Junior ChampionIn Memory of Adam Dean

(Delmar & Louella Dean)

Senior ChampionHoward’s Lawn & Garden


Grand ChampionGary & LeeAnn Sanders

Reserve Grand ChampionTim & Susan Plunkett


       Llama/Alpaca Poster Grand Champion                 Robyn Heine

       Costume Grand Champion       Pauline Heckman

       Showmanship Grand Champion       Richard Brier

       Performance Grand Champion      

       Fleece Crafts Grand Champion       Richard Brier

       Beginner Showmanship     Fedor Feed & Grain

       Intermediate Showmanship       Kent & April Haffner

       Advanced Showmanship   Kevin L. Duffin


       Grand Champion                Kent & Charlotte Frandsen

       Reserve Grand Champion  Kent & Charlotte Frandsen


Grand ChampionGary & Joanie Emmert

Reserve Grand ChampionGeorge & Nancy Morton


Grand ChampionBill & Joan Shoemaker

Reserve Grand ChampionTom & Suzy Rich


Grand ChampionDeborah & Mark Frisby

Reserve Grand ChampionDan & Carolyn Robinson


Grand ChampionMark & Elle Starkey

Reserve Grand ChampionMark C. Lakshmanan


Grand ChampionMark & Elle Starkey

Reserve Grand ChampionRobyn Heine


Grand ChampionRobyn Heine

Reserve Grand ChampionMark & Debbie Lee


Grand ChampionPhyllis Kouns

Reserve Grand ChampionAlpha Beta Chapter of Kappa,

Kappa, Kappa, Inc.


Grand ChampionPhyllis Kouns

Reserve Grand ChampionMarvin & Shirley Lasley


Poultry Poster Grand ChampionAaron & Peggy Lucas

Poultry Poster Reserve Grand ChampionJohn & Donna Padgett

Meat Bird Commercial Poultry GrandMark & Elle Starkey


Meat Bird Commercial Poultry ReserveJack & Linda Fahrenbach

Grand Champion

Exhibition Bantam Chicken Grand Martin & Jolene Rice Family


Exhibition Bantam Chicken Reserve The Hurst Family

   Grand Champion

Commercial Egg Type Chicken Peppermint Palace Day Care

   Grand Champion

Commercial Egg Type Chicken The Martin Family—Steve, Sandy,  Reserve Grand ChampionZach, Casey, & Ben


Exhibition Large Fowl Grand Champion     

       Exhibition Large Fowl Reserve Grand

              Champion     Jeff & Tanya Jackson

       Exhibition Turkey Grand Champion   John & Donna Padgett


       Exhibition Turkey Reserve       

                 Grand Champion

       Exhibition Large Ducks Grand        Peppermint Palace Day Care                 Champion                  

       Exhibition Large Ducks Reserve Grand   Bill & Joan Shoemaker


       Exhibition Bantam Ducks Grand       


Exhibition Bantam Ducks Reserve Michael Sedwick Family

    Grand Champion

Exhibition Geese Grand ChampionHardin Family Limited Partnership

Exhibition Geese Reserve Grand Kevin L. Duffin


Beginner Showmanship The Hurst Family

Intermediate ShowmanshipAllen & Jane Mohler

Advanced ShowmanshipKerri Randel Lewis

Outstanding Beginner HerdsmanDavid & Stephanie Clements

Outstanding Intermediate HerdsmanDavid & Stephanie Clements

Outstanding Advanced HerdsmanKerri Randel Lewis


Rabbit Poster Grand ChampionAllen & Tonya Douglass

Rabbit Poster Reserve Grand Champion

Grand Champion - 6 Class

Reserve Grand Champion - 6 Class

Grand Champion - 4 Class

Reserve Grand Champion - 4 Class

Meat Pen Grand Champion

Meat Pen Reserve Grand Champion

Fryer Champion

Stewer ChampionAllen & Tonya Douglass

Roaster ChampionJohn & Donna Padgett

American Fuzzy Lop ChampionKevin & Kim Morgan & Family

American Sable Champion

Berveren Champion

Britannia Petite Champion

Californian ChampionDallas Paris & Family

Champagne D’ Argents Champion

Crème D’ Argent ChampionJohn & Donna Padgett

Cinnamon Champion

Dutch Champion

Dwarf Hotot Champion

English Spot Champion

Flemish Giant Champion

Florida White Champion

French Angora Champion


       Sheep Poster Grand Champion       Alan Cragun

       Sheep Poster Reserve Grand Champion                 The Hurst Family

       Commercial Ewe Champion       Clifton & Wanda Carter

       Best 3 Head Market Lamb Champion      Jeff & Sara Moore

       Crossbred Market Lamb Champion  

       Cheviot Ewe Champion     Eric & Amy Rohn

       Dorset Ewe Champion      

       Dorset Market Lamb Champion       David & Rylin Rodgers Family

       Dorper Ewe Champion      David & Rylin Rodgers Family

       Hampshire Ewe Champion       Eric & Amy Rohn

       Hampshire Market Lamb ChampionEric & Amy Rohn

Horned Doreset Ewe ChampionJohn & Donna Padgett

Oxford Market Lamb Champion Fedor Feed & Grain

Shetland Ewe ChampionEric & Amy Rohn

Shetland Market Lamb ChampionEric & Amy Rohn

Shropshire Ewe ChampionJohn & Donna Padgett

Shropshire Market Lamb ChampionBruce & Kelli Guernsey

Southdown Ewe ChampionDavid & Rylin Rodgers Family

Southdown Market Lamb Champion

Specked Market Lamb ChampionJeff & Sara Moore

Suffolk Ewe Champion

Suffolk Market Lamb Champion

Natural Colored Ewe ChampionGeorge & Nancy Morton

Natural Colored Market Lamb ChampionBruce & Kelli Guernsey

Whiteface Commercial Ewe ChampionBruce & Kelli Guernsey

Whiteface Market Lamb ChampionAlan Cragun

Supreme Champion Ewe

Supreme Reserve Champion Ewe In Honor of Richard & Kay Burns

(Patty & Mark Bohannon)

Supreme Champion Ram In Loving Memory of Marc Davis

(Curt & Alana Davis & Family)

Supreme Reserve Champion Ram

Pair of Market Lambs ChampionIn Honor of Richard & Kay Burns

(Patty & Mark Bohannon)

Market Lamb Grand Champion

Market Lamb Reserve Grand Champion

Boone County Born & Raised ChampionBruce & Kelli Guernsey


Boone County Born & Raised Champion Jeff & Tanya Jackson


Boone County Born & Raised Champion

   Market Lamb

Beginner ShowmanshipAlan Cragun

Intermediate ShowmanshipAlan Cragun

Advanced Showmanship

Master ShowmanshipAlan Cragun

Champion Herdsman


Archery Beginner ChampionDavid & Kanene Summers

Archery Intermediate ChampionThe Battcher Family

Archery Advanced ChampionGary & LeeAnn Sanders

Compound Bow Champion     Brad Mustin

       Muzzleloader Intermediate Champion      Mahawa Sipiwi Muzzleloaders, Inc.

       Muzzleloader Advanced Champion   Mahawa Sipiwi Muzzleloaders, Inc.

       Pistol Advanced Champion       In Memory of Adam Dean

                                    (Delmar & Louella Dean)

       Rifle Beginner Champion  In Memory of our son Brayton Hiland

                                    (Danny Hiland Family)

       Rifle Intermediate Champion       Tom & Janet Miller

       Rifle Advanced Champion       In Memory of Kent Morris

                                    (Shooting Sports Intructors)

Shotgun Intermediate ChampionLarry & Carmen Ottinger

Shotgun Advanced ChampionTom & Janet Miller

Supreme MarksmanBoone County Conservation League, Inc.


Grand ChampionAaron & Carolyn Everett

Reserved Grand ChampionTimothy M. Jones


Grand ChampionD & Patty Ramsey/ Ramsey Tile Drainage

Reserve Grand ChampionJohn & Donna Padgett


Starter Calf Poster Grand ChampionTetrick Farm

Starter Calf Poster Reserve Grand ChampionCurt & Kristy Ward

Grand ChampionEric & Amy Rohn

Reserve Grand ChampionMartin & Jolene Rice & Family

Light Weight ChampionThe Schmidt Family

Medium Weight ChampionTetrick Farm

Heavy Weight ChampionBob & Joan Hysong

Starter Calf Beef Calf ChampionCurt & Kristy Ward

Beginner ShowmanshipFedor Feed & Grain

Intermediate ShowmanshipRobin & David Bellefuil

Advanced ShowmanshipCripe Cattle Co.

Master ShowmanshipJeremy Huckstep


Swine Poster Grand Champion

Swine Poster Reserve Grand ChampionThe Hendrix Family

Berkshire Barrow ChampionAaron & Carolyn Everett

Berkshire Gilt ChampionRussell & Luana Dulin Chester White Gilt ChampionJoe & Ann Newsom

Chester White Barrow ChampionAaron & Peggy Lucas

Crossbred Barrow ChampionMichalke Farms

Crossbred Gilt ChampionIn Memory of Ron Bush

(The Bush Family)

Duroc Barrow ChampionIn Memory of Todd Burkeybyle

(The Hollingsworth Family)

Duroc Gilt ChampionMcQuern Family

Hampshire Barrow Champion

Hampshire Gilt ChampionEmmert Honey Creek Farms

(John & Vicki Emmert)

Hereford Barrow ChampionRusty & Jody Solomon Family

Hereford Gilt ChampionWilma Jean Revell

Landrace Barrow ChampionMcQuern Family

Landrace Gilt ChampionThrelkeld Farms, Inc.


Poland China Barrow Champion       In Memory of Dwight Pullen

                                    (Mark & Nancy Rapp)

       Poland China Gilt Champion       Joe & Ann Newsom

       Spotted Poland China Barrow Champion                 Mitchell Brothers & Family

       Spotted Poland China Gilt Champion      In Memory of Ron Bush

                   (The Bush Family)                 Tamworth Barrow Champion      

       Tamworth Gilt Champion  Russell & Luana Dulin

       Yorkshire Barrow Champion             

       Yorkshire Gilt Champion  Joe & Ann Newsom & Family

       Barrow Grand Champion   Emmert Honey Creek Farms

(John & Vicki Emmert)Barrow Reserve Grand ChampionIn Memory of Ron Bush

(The Bush Family)Gilt Grand ChampionJerry Jenkins & Family

Gilt Reserve Grand Champion

Beginner ShowmanshipJohn & Corinne Arthur

Intermediate ShowmanshipJohn & Corinne Arthur

Advanced ShowmanshipIn Memory of Ron Bush

(The Bush Family)

Master ShowmanshipWilhoite Family Farms, LLC

First Year HerdsmanMarion Wilhoite

Overall HerdsmanThrelkeld Farms, Inc.

Overall HerdsmanMcQuern Family

Overall HerdsmanDoug Dickerson Family

Crossbred Gilt Light Weight Aaron & Peggy Lucas

   Division Winner

Crossbred Gilt Medium Weight Richard & Brenda Weber & Family

   Division Winner

Crossbred Gilt Heavy Weight Russell & Luana Dulin

Division Winner

Crossbred Barrow Light Weight Brett & Shari Bayston

   Division Winner

Crossbred Barrow Light-Medium WeightMarcia Wilhoite, CPA

   Division Winner

Crossbred Barrow Medium Weight Fedor Feed & Grain

   Division Winner

Crossbred Barrow Light-Heavy Weight Richard & Brenda Weber & Family

   Division Winner

Crossbred Medium-Heavy Weight Randy & Diana Parr Family

   Division Winner

Crossbred Barrow Heavy Weight Dawn & Craig Kouns

   Division Winner


Junior ChampionIn Memory of Adam Dean

(Mr. & Mrs. Gary Dowden)

Senior ChampionBoone County Antique Tractor

& Machinery Club


Grand ChampionZionsville Country Veterinary Clinic

Reserve Grand ChampionTom & Carla Merrit


       Grand Champion                Gary & Joanie Emmert

       Reserve Grand Champion  Brett & Shari Bayston


       Grand Champion                Scott & Julie Stephens         

       Reserve Grand Champion  Dan & Carolyn Robinson


       Grand Champion                Kevin & Shelley Spees

       Reserve Grand Champion  Daniel E. Brock


       Grand Champion                Richard Hawkins

       Reserve Grand Champion  Gary & LeeAnn Sanders

SUPREME SHOWMANSHIP CONTEST                             Wilhoite Family Farms, LLC

(Participant Plaques)

LIVESTOCK SHOWMANSHIP 2014                                 Myron Miller Family