2014 4-H Leader Training Material

4-H Club Leader Training PowerPoint

                    Program Powerpoint (You've Got 4-H Parents! Now What???)

                    North Central Region Volunteer e-Forum 2013-2014 Session Materials

4-H Animal Project Leader PowerPoint

4-H Non-animal Project Leader PowerPoint

               Program Powerpoint (Sharing your Knowledge)


Boone County 4-H Leader Handbook


4-H Club Officer Resources

Indiana 4-H: Club Officer Materials

Parliamentary Procedure Training Resources

     Basic Parliamentary Procedure for 4-H Clubs  courtesy Utah State University

     Parliamentary Procedure Educational Kit  courtesy The Ohio State University, Hardin County

     Parliamentary Procedure Lesson Plans and Activities  (scroll down to Parliamentary Procedure)

     Parliamentary Procedure and 4-H Club Officer Training Educational Resources  courtesy Purdue Collegiate 4-H Club





Program Planning Resources

North Central Region Volunteer Development Resources

National 4-H Volunteer Resources (lots of great stuff for any 4-H volunteer looking for help)

National Directory of 4-H Materials

Ready To Use 4-H Lesson Plans:


Science Resources

National 4-H Youth Science Day activities

National 4-H Science page

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Kids Page - educational activites that help youth learn more about wildlife and the environment


Healthy Living Resources

Indiana 4-H Healthy Living activities 

National 4-H online resources

Omega-9 Oils: Healthier Eating - A resource from Dow AgroSciences


Get Up and Move - A series of physical activity curriculum designed especially for 4-H club meetings each month by University of Illinois

Best Bones Forever


Citizenship Resources

National 4-H Online Resources

Indiana 4-H Citizenship activities

Community Improvement Report Form - Due October 1st


Policy and Procedure Material

Indiana 4-H Risk Management Forms

National 4-H


National 4-H Resources


4-H National Headquarters

National 4-H Mall (supplies, apparel, etc.)