Opportunity to meet, discuss and learn, for beginning and small farmers. Our next meeting, held 3 October at Bartholomew County Public Library, will feature Hancock County ANR Extension Educator Roy Ballard talking about grants available for farm enterprises.
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CSA New Tech Community Garden
Bartholomew County has - at last count - about eleven community gardens! These Rambles give you a chance to visit one or more with a Master Gardener and ANR Extension Educator. We'll look at what's growing, how it's coming along, and what pests are active. Thunder cancels.
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Here it is...What every 4-H family is waiting on...Introducing the 2015 4-H Family Handbook.
Bartholomew County Works class
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Local Faces '14 - Bartholomew County #LocalFaces14 Purdue Extension in Bartholomew County is working with local faces to make connections which will help individuals have a more sustainable future.

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