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This time of the year, landowners and tenants are considering the future of their land leases. Take this opportunity to hear from Amanda Dickson, ANR Educator in Morgan County and a member of Purdue Extension's Land Lease Team, on basics that can help you to advance your priorities. Amanda's topics: A Handshake is Not Enough: Improving Tenant Landlord Relationships Communication barriers can cause friction when dealing with a land lease. Learn how to improve a tenant landlord relationsh
Mark Shepherd describes how a subsoil plow is used in water management at New Forest Farm.
Home landscape or working farm, permaculture practices can help to increase a property's productivity, resilience, and livability. The aim of permaculture is to create systems that are "ecologically sound and economically viable," based on understanding of natural systems, traditional farming systems, science and technology. Come find out more! Register through Bartholomew County Public Library.
Aerial Application
This PARP session will cover Fungicide Use with Dr. Kirsten Wise, Pollinator Protection with Dr. Rick Foster, and DriftWatch with Kris Medic. Check-in begins at 3:30 pm. Come at 2 pm and pick up some tips in "Things to Know About Land Leases" with Amanda Dickson. Both programs are free, but registration is required by calling the office.
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Opportunity to meet, discuss and learn, for beginning and small farmers.
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Here it is...What every 4-H family is waiting on...Introducing the 2015 4-H Family Handbook.

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