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Upcoming garden related activities and events
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The Master Gardener Display Gardens of Allen County are a collection of 21 distinct educational gardens surrounding the Purdue Extension - Allen County building.
Basic Training info
Purdue Master Gardener Basic Training will be offered this fall in Allen County on Mondays from 9am to 12pm.
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The Master Gardener Program is one way that the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service puts knowledge to work and helps people grow throughout Indiana. The Master Gardener Program helps gardeners grow by providing them with intensive training in horticultural principles.
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Master Gardeners are here to help identify plants or insects and diagnose problems you are seeing with your garden, lawn, trees, or houseplants.
Garden Walk & Plant Sale
Join us for our annual Garden Walk and Plant Sale!
Soil sample supplies
There is never a bad time of year to take a soil sample but there are bad methods of sampling. Taking a quality sample will help you get the most useful results for your situation.

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