4-H Shooting Sports

This project teaches safe operation of firearms and archery equipment. The disciplines offered in Allen County are: .22 rifle, air pistol, air rifle, archery, muzzle loading, outdoor pursuits and shotgun. The disciplines offered in any county will depend on the availability of certified 4-H shooting sports instructors to teach the classes, range availability, and access to equipment. There are also Hunter Education classes offered in cooperation with the Department to Natural Resources.

Exhibits will be judged according to grade level
Level 1 for Grades 3-5
Level 2 for Grades 6-8
Level 3 for Grades 9-12

Record Sheet - Due at Check In

State Web Site

Exhibit entry - Please refer the the 4-H Newsletter Fair Issue

Upcoming Registration forms:

22 Rifle Class - Fall 2015 information coming in August

Air Rifle Class - Winter 2016 information coming in December

Shotgun Class - Fall 2015 call 481-6826 for name to be put on list to receive information for the next class

If you are interested in .22 rifle, Air Pistol, Air Rifle, Archery, Muzzleloading, Outdoor Pursuits or Shotgun for Youth in grades 3-12 please call our office for details.

For Hunter Education Classes visit the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Web Site

For project requirements and record sheets, see Related Files below or contact the Extension Office.


By Barbara A Thuma, Extension Educator - 4-H Youth Development
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