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New and Updated Disease Monitoring Resources for Field Crops

Planting has begun to ramp up here in Indiana. I want to remind you of a few resources for monitoring field crop diseases. Some are updated and others are new this spring. In addition, the field crop pathology team will be tracking diseases across Indiana and will add updates here and in the Pest & Crop Newsletter. You can also follow me on Twitter @DTelenko.

There are national field crop pathology programs in place to track and/or predict risk for some the more economically important diseases in the Unites States, such as Fusarium head blight in wheat; wheat stem, stripe, and leaf rust; corn rust and tar spot; and soybean rust. The Crop Protection Network site hosts unbiased, collaborative outputs on important issues affecting field crops in the United States and Canada; this site has numerous resources and fungicide efficacy tables for corn, soybean, and wheat.

General resources for all field crops:


Corn: National corn rust and tar spot tracking

Soybean: National soybean rust tracking

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