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Fair Entry Instructions

Fair Entry is open from June 1st through July 1st. Any person not following this deadline may not be eligible to exhibit at the Wells County 4-H Fair. 

PDF Version of Instructions located HERE.

A few notes to help you avoid common problems before you start:
  • Once you hit submit, you will not be able to enter any additional projects until the first submission has been approved by the Extension Office. Many people click “Submit” after their first child only to find out they can’t add anything for the second child. Please read Step 9 below carefully to avoid this problem.
  • If Fair Entry won’t let you click “Submit” at the end, it usually means you have forgotten to fill something out (EX: Did you select a club? Did you select an animal for your livestock project?)
  • Make sure to continue through to the end of the process. You are not done with Fair Entry until you click “Submit”. You will receive a confirmation email to let you know it went through.

2024 Fair Entry Instructions: 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the green box that says “Sign In with 4-H Online”
  3. Sign in using your 4-H Online email & password. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. We can help if you have forgotten you email and/or password – just call the Extension Office at 260-824-6412
  4. Click “Create Invoice” or “Begin Work on a New Invoice” (what shows up depends on if it is your first time creating an invoice this year)
  5. Next to the member’s name you are putting entries in for, click “Create Entry”
  6. Select the correct department, division, and class for the entry
  7. Select the 4-H Club associated with this entry
  8. If entering in a livestock project (not including poultry), select your animal by choosing “Add Animal”
    • Most will now select “Choose an Existing Animal Record”
    • Add the animal you wish to exhibit in the appropriate class for that animal
  9. The next screen will contain three choices. Choose the one that represents your needs.
    • “Add Another Entry” – Click this if you need to add more entries for this same member
    • “Register Another Exhibitor” – Click this if you have entries to add for a different member
    • “Continue to Payment” – Click this ONLY if you have no other entries to add for any members of your family
  10. After clicking “Continue to Payment”, you will see a total cost of $0.00. Click “Continue”
  11. You will see “No Payment Method is Necessary” since there is no cost. Click “Continue”
  12. Click “Submit”
  13. You will get an email verification that your entries have been submitted and another email verification once your entries have been approved by the Extension Office.
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