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4-H Summer Camp and Trip Information!

Even though summer may seem far off its time to start planning for summer 4-H trips and camp! 4-H Camp takes place at Shakmak State Park. In addition, Purdue University offers many educational and fun trips for 4-Hers during the summer.  Each trip has different age requirements, so please pay attention to the details to make sure you are eligible! You must be enrolled in 4-H to sign up for a trip, there’s still time to enroll at More information is available at If you have any questions about these trips, please contact Sara at (812) 462-3371 or


4-H Camp at Shakamak

4-H Camp will take place from June 9-12, 2024 at Shakamak State Park.  We will be camping with 4-H’ers from Clay, Daviess, Owen, and Sullivan Counties. Daily activities will include boating, recreation, crafts, swimming, outdoor cooking, nature activities, and lots of silly songs and chants!

  • 4-H Camp is open to all 4-H’ers currently in grades 3 through 6. You must be enrolled in Vigo County 4-H to attend 4-H Camp. If you have a non-4-H friend interested there is still time for them to enroll in 4-H!

 The camp fee is $120 per camper and covers your lodging, meals, camp t-shirt, and activities. There is limited funding to assist those with a financial need, please contact Sara to learn more prior to registration. Additionally, you will need money during camp to cover craft items ($5 or less) and snacks at the pool concession stand. You will be responsible for your transportation to and from Shakamak State Park. Campers will need to be dropped off around 2 pm on Sunday, June 9 and picked up around 10 am on Wednesday, June 12. We have not finalized our camp schedule yet; the specific times will be sent to you in a letter along with important details a week prior to camp. During registration we’ll need to know any dietary restrictions, t-shirt size, and any bunk buddies your child requests.

 Registration is through 4-H Online at and is due by May 10.


  • Camp Counselors are leaders in 8th-12th grade who are interested in being counselors and want to have four days of fun at 4-H Camp! Counselors lead activities and also have responsibilities to help our camp function smoothly. The application deadline for 2024 Camp Counselors has closed.

 If selected, counselors will be expected to attend three counselor training sessions. The sessions will take place on May 1 & May 9 from 6:00-8:30 p.m. at the Sullivan County Fairgrounds and May 29 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at Shakamak State Park 4-H Counselors are asked to pay $30 to cover your t-shirt, meals at counselor training, and other camp expenses. The Extension Office will cover the remainder of your camp fee thanks to the Tractor Supply Company Clover Campaign as long as you properly complete training and counselor responsibilities at camp.


State 4-H Trips


 If you would like to attend one of the listed trips and be considered for trip sponsorship, please return the Trip Interest Form and a $50 deposit to the Extension Office by April 23 at 4:00 PM. Click here for the Trip Interest Form! Please make checks payable to Vigo County 4-H Council. The Vigo County 4-H Council is able to provide sponsorship for these trips. Funding will be dependent on the amount of interest, but priority will be given to 4-H attending a trip for the first time. Please note that you can go on multiple trips, but each 4-H member will only receive one trip scholarship. The 4-Her will be notified by the Extension Educator by April 1st about the level of funding made available by 4-H Council. If selected for a 4-H Council Trip Scholarship, the $50 will be deposited and a $50 check to the 4-H family will be returned after successful completion of the trip.


4-H Academy @ Purdue – Grades 9-12 – June 12-14– Purdue University - $250 by May 15, late registration fees available.

  • NEW! Agriculture and Biological Engineering - Microbes are all around you – in the water you drink, on your cell phone, and floating through the air. While some of these are deadly pathogens, most of these microbes are harmless and can even be beneficial. Participants will learn to count, characterize, and control these microbes. Controlling microbes is vital for many fields, including biological engineering, pharmaceuticals, food safety, environmental sciences, and medicine.
  • Animal Science: Animal Health – Are you interested in a career in veterinary medicine? Come discover what it takes to work in the animal health field. Youth will have a hands-on learning experience that helps them learn more about the profession, and opportunities for careers in animal health. Topics included in the workshop include general health care, physiology, anatomy and careers. Youth will have the opportunity to work alongside Purdue Veterinarians and staff through various clinical activities.
  • Civic Engagement: Community Change Starts with Me! - This workshop will allow you to participate in a poverty simulation to learn about real issues faced by a person living in poverty. You will leave with an action plan that will allow you to make a positive change in your community, because community change starts with you!
  • NEW! Cyber Security – more info coming soon! Check the Indiana 4-H website.
  • NEW! Digital Agriculture - Explore how digital technologies and data sciences are being leveraged to make agriculture more efficient, productive, and sustainable. Learn more about the applications of robotics, sensors, and programming in agriculture through hands-on activities and tours. This workshop will also explore the variety of science, technology, and engineering disciplines that collaborate to develop digital ag solutions.
  • Exploring Health Careers - This workshop provides participants with a chance to learn about various careers in the health field including nursing, speech pathology, medical laboratory science, and more. If you are interested in a career in the medical field but aren’t sure which career path to choose, this workshop is for you!
  • Food Science - Have you ever wondered how raw agricultural crops can be turned into a processed food product? Join the Department of Food Science to explore fermentation by making your own fermented food product and participate in a sensory evaluation of the food. You’ll even get to take home the final product! Participants will also explore food safety, chemistry, food processing, and more through exciting, hands-on activities. We can’t wait to see you there!
  • Intro to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - This workshop is focused on careers in the Emergency Medical Services field. This workshop provides participants with hands-on learning opportunities to practice the skills associated with careers as First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, and Fire Fighters. Students become CPR certified and learn through hands-on activities: scene size‐up, patient assessment, rescue techniques, scene preservation, radio procedures and tours of fire stations, emergency helicopters and Mobile Simulation Ambulances.
  • Investigating Forensic Science: Wildlife, Entomology, and Food Fraud- The Food Fraud online module will help you learn about data, evidence, and scientific reasoning so you will be ready to work in the entomology and wildlife forensic labs on campus during 4-H Academy. In the Wildlife Forensics module, students will learn about the field of wildlife forensics including a brief introduction of the discipline and examples of different types of crime against wildlife. Hands-on activities will include labs on how to collect evidence (hairs, prints) and use it to solve crimes. In the Forensic Entomology workshop, students will learn about the application of insect evidence in criminal investigations.  The workshop will have a mixture of lecture, hands-on insect collection, experimental design and data collection to discuss insect behavior and development, and the use of insect evidence in investigations. Please note that there will be online modules you will be asked to complete before the workshop, and more information will be sent out once you register. Also, this workshop is fully funded for participants!
  • Natural Resources - Learn about fisheries, forestry and wildlife science through hands‐on activities like wildlife radio telemetry, darting, aquatic sampling, mist-netting and more. Topics may vary annually based on instructor availability. Participants will also learn about the many natural resources career opportunities. ​
  • Plant Sciences: Living Landscapes – Calling all plant whisperers and yard-design dreamers! Dig into this workshop, where science meets creativity and dirt turns into epic adventures. Unleash your inner green thumb with seed-sational experiments, floral arranging feats, friendly turf wars, and design challenges that will make your garden the envy of the block! Sign up today and watch your love for all things plants bloom!
  • $how Me the Money - Learn the essentials of financial management from the best financial professionals in the state. Experience Where Does Your Money Go® adventures at vendor locations in Lafayette. Come away with new tools to make your financial goals become a reality!
  • The Science of Flight - The Science of Flight Workshop will help youth learn more about Aerospace and the science and opportunities that surround it. During the workshop they will build model rockets and planes, take a ride in a small airplane and study aerodynamics to learn about the principles of flight as well as be exposed to career opportunities in aerospace.


4-H Round-Up – Grades 7-9 – June 24-26 – Purdue University - $250 by May 15, late registration fees available.

Explore a variety of careers by attending classes created just for Round-Up attendees while getting a taste of college life and will live in a Purdue Residence Hall for two nights. Youth have an opportunity to meet others from across the state and further develop their leadership skills. Recreation events are planned in the evenings and blocks of free time allow attendees the opportunity to build friendships on their own.


4-H Band – Grades 9-12 - June 22-24 – Purdue University - $250 by May 15, late registration fees available.

The 4-H youth band workshop is an immersive opportunity to learn about instrumental performance alongside new friends from across Indiana guided by Purdue’s Assistant Professor of Bands, Matthew Conaway. Participants perform to over 500 people during 4-H Youth Round-Up in June.


4-H Chorus - Grades 9-12 - June 22-25 – Purdue University - $250 by May 15, late registration fees available.

The 4-H youth choral music workshop is an intensive, dynamic, challenging and fun-filled singing, dancing

and performance-oriented workshop. Youth will make new friends and work with some of the best music and performance teachers in Indiana! Participants perform to over 500 people during 4-H Youth Round-Up.


National 4-H Congress– Grades 9-11 –November 29-December 3 –Atlanta, Georgia- $600

National 4-H Congress​ is one of the premier experiences for 4-H members across the country. Youth will meet other 4-H members from across America, as they participate in educational workshops focusing on diversity, cultural experiences, leadership, team development, and of course having fun! *If you are interested in this trip, it requires a separate application due by May 1st, please contact Sara for details. 


State Fair Exhibit Hall Workers – MUST be at least 14 years old at time of work–July 27-August 20– Indiana State Fairgrounds – Applications are DUE April 1.

Assist with the set-up, judging, and supervision of thousands of projects in the Exhibit Hall, Centennial Hall, and the Agriculture Horticulture building.  Applications can be found on the Indiana 4-H Website under opportunities and trips.  These applications are due by April 1.



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