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Money-Saving Reminders

Happy Tuesday everyone,

For those of you that didn’t already know, yesterday was Green Monday. Did you know that Green Monday started back in 2007? The second Monday of December was called Green Monday because it tends to be the busiest sales day of the month due to looming holiday deadlines (like delivery times and party schedules).

Well, for the frugal shopper, it’s another opportunity to save money! The deals probably didn’t match Black Friday deals, but any sale that helps keep some money in your pocket is a good sale! Hopefully we all start 2023 with a positive cash flow.

And to keep the cash in your pocket, here are some money-saving ideas:

  • Spend your gift cards. I found 3 gift cards I had not used – why am I saving these? It’s not like they can earn interest. Now I don’t have to feel bad about eating out – it is paid for!
  • Use your leftovers. Still have rotisserie chicken left? Add it to canned soup or make chicken salad instead of throwing it away.
  • If you still have names on the gift list, keep checking the online store sites for sales. If you are shopping online always, open up another window and check for a coupon code for the retailer or item you are about to purchase. You never know, you might save $20 in that one little step.
  • Headed to the superstore for groceries? Make a list and check it twice and do not go wandering around the store “looking” at other things – stick to the list, it will save you money.
  • Of course, reducing the number of gifts you need to buy will reduce your cost.
  • Use LED lights. Switching to LED lights will reduce your energy costs. Money saved is money saved.
  • Check your sources to find out what free entertainment is happening in your area. You might be able to take a picture of your children with Santa at a local store (versus the mall).
  • Spend time making fun memories that are cheap. Craft, movie or game nights are great ways to have fun and make fun memories together.
  • Return items that you do not give as a gift.
  • Be strong- I know there are a lot of good deals on things you would like to own, but keep the money in your pocket until the holidays are over. Maybe you’ll get an even better deal on stuff you want after the New Year.
  • Be sure to keep track of your receipts and check the return policies for each retailer. A lot of retailers have shortened their return window.
  • If you need to send a package out of town, do it as early as possible and avoid the hefty fees for overnight delivery.


Have a fantastic week,


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