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Curb Your Urge to Splurge - Introduction

Let's curb your urge to splurge!
Hello Holiday Enthusiast!
Thank you for registering for Curb Your Urge to Splurge, an email-based holiday budgeting program.
Inflation fears are ramping up the holiday craziness which, if we are not careful, will encourage us to spend a lot more than we can afford. Let’s see if we can maneuver ourselves through this holiday season without indulging in unnecessary splurges that could cause us undue financial stress.
During Curb Your Urge to Splurge, you will receive two emails per week for the next nine weeks. These emails will contain tips, tools, and ideas to help you to reach your financial goal of controlling holiday spending. These emails will also include clickable links and attachments that will give you additional tools or information.
I will ask you to complete 3 brief and optional online surveys as part of the Curb Your Urge to Splurge program. These surveys will ask you if the information provided has helped you to spend wisely and save money.
As we begin thinking about the holidays ahead here some things to remember: 
  • Everything is better with a plan.
  • It’s easy to overspend and overeat when we are tired, so schedule downtime.
  • Knowing what your goals for the season are will help you make good decisions.
  • The holiday season is stressful (and your stress is contagious). It’s felt by everyone around you.
  • Remember, there is technology that can help you achieve your goal. More on that later!
If you want to learn more about your spending personality you can click here take this quiz.
Your Holiday Helper,
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