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Ohio County Newsletter-April

Spring ID Day: All Sheep, Goat, & Swine

Saturday April 29,  8 - 10A.M. at the Ohio County Fairgrounds

 Animals will be tagged with a 5-digit county unless they are already tagged.

Sheep and Goats will need to be tagged with a 5 Digit tag unless they already have one from the county or are tattooed.  Swine will receive a 5 digit tag and an RFID tag. Scrapie tags will not be excepted for identification.

  • All animals MUST be enrolled online by May 15th to be eligible to exhibit!!
  • Swine, Goats and Sheep planning on going to the State Fair must be tagged with RFID tag and must have DNA sample collected and turned into the Extension Office by May 15th.
  • Females that have been previously shown or that are registered do not need to be brought to ID day, the 4-H member needs to complete the enrollment information online.
  • Please contact Jill at the Extension Office if you have any questions, 438-3656.

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