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4-H Entomology Workshop

Harrison County 4-H members learned all about bugs at the 4-H Entomology Workshop on March 9th. Mini 4-H members made insect related crafts, learned about metamorphosis, and parts of an insect. 4-H members in grades 3 through 5 created neat insect wood craft projects to take to the fair, learned about preserving and pinning specimens with Agriculture and Natural Resource Educator Miranda Edge, and learned about collecting insects for their entomology project.

We had a very special guest speaker, Dr. Gwen Pearson of the Purdue Entomology department, join us via zoom to share her fast knowledge on insects. She even sent us some live specimen to see them first hand!


If your child is interested in joining Harrison County 4-H, please explore our 4-H Homepage. Enroll at For more information about the 4-H program, call the Purdue Extension Office at 812-738-4236 or email our wonderful 4-H Youth Development Educator, Rebecca Wilkins at

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