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Indiana will be using the FairEntry system to pre-register your 4-H project exhibits for the Hamilton County 4-H Exhibit.

Please follow the link below to our FairEntry page.

Here are some useful links:

What Department is my Project in?

How do I enter my 4-H Exhibits in FairEntry?

FairEntry works with the 4HOnline system, so you will use your 4HOnline profile and password.  You will not have to create another password.  4-H’ers will need to register each “exhibit” or “project” they plan to bring to the 4-H Exhibit in the FairEntry system.  This will be the way the Extension Office prepares the check-in/judging sheets and records the results.

Think of this system like this: Anything that gets entered and judged during our 4-H Exhibit should be pre-registered in FairEntry.

FairEntry is like a “Fast Pass” at an amusement park.  If you register your projects ahead of time in FairEntry by July 6, your check-in process for the 4-H Exhibit will be much faster, just like walking past all those people in line for the same ride.  If you do not register your projects ahead of time, you will be asked to do that at a FairEntry kiosk on the day of check-in in the Extension Office, delaying your check-in and slowing the process down (just like waiting in the LONG line for your ride).

To speed up your project check-in experience, we are asking you to pre-register your projects by July 6.  This will give the staff time to get ready for project check-in.  If you are not sure that you will be exhibiting a project you enrolled in, go ahead and pre-register the exhibit.

ATTENTION 4-H HORSE & PONY MEMBERS - 4-H Horse & Pony members should NOT use FairEntry to enter their horses.  Horse & Pony 4-H Members should visit to enter their horses. This will be available in early July. More details will follow in an email.  4-H Horse & Pony Members with other projects such as crafts, sewing, etc. should use FairEntry to enter those exhibits.

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