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PROJECT SUPERINTENDENT: Kathryn Mascaro, 317-849-2521,

EXHIBIT CHECK-IN: Sunday, July 11, 4-6 PM
JUDGING: Monday, July 12, 8:30 AM, Closed Judging
RELEASE: Tuesday, July 20, 9-11 AM, and 5-7 PM
STATE FAIR ENTRIES: No entries, County project only

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Virtual tours of Spring Flowers - ENJOY!

Holliday Park Wildflower Walk with Norma Wallman

Bluffs of Beaver Bend Wildflower Walk with Emily Finch 

Two suggestions for viewing a wide variety of wildflowers and getting photographs for your project. (Wildflower Identification) 
You can also use this experience(s) as an interesting entries for your wildflower journal.

1) Spring Wildflower Walk at Blatchley Nature Study Club; 125 Boulder Drive, Noblesville   
Saturday, April 24th from 1-5pm (multiple small walks during this time; need only to attend one)     
This is their once yearly open house for the public with wonderful wildflower walks of their extensive property.  A great place to see lots of shade wildflowers as well as an impressive number of sun wildflowers.  They will be having walking tours led by members of their club who really know their wildflowers.  (This group also studies other forms of nature likes trees, small animals, birds, rocks, amphibians, etc.)

2) Wildflower Walk at Strawtown-Koteewi Park (also known as Taylor Center of Natural History); 12308 Strawtown Ave., Noblesville     
Saturday, May 8th starting at 1pm.  (Only one walk and will be led by your 4-H Wildflower Project leader and an assistant.)     
This is the largest of our county parks.  They have a wildflower garden around the Taylor Center, two good-sized wildflower prairies plus wildflowers scattered through their woodland.  We will see both sun and shade wildflowers.

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