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Horse & Pony


PROJECT SUPERINTENDENT: Bruce Stewart, 317-402-6539,

EXHIBIT CHECK-IN: Wednesday, July 14, 4-8 PM

JUDGING: English Show     Thursday, July 15, 10 AM, Open Judging
                Western Show   Friday, July 16, 10 AM, Open Judging
                Dressage          Saturday, July 17, 8 AM, Open Judging
                Contesting        Saturday, July 17, 6 PM, Open Judging
                Hunter Show     Sunday, July 18, 10 AM Open Judging
                Jumper Show    Sunday, July 18,  30 minutes after the Hunter Show
                Versatility         Monday, July 19, 10 AM, Open Judging

RELEASE TIME: Tuesday, July 20, 7 AM - Noon, All Non-Auction livestock released

STATE FAIR ENTRIES: All livestock for STATE FAIR must be properly identified and enrolled. State Fair entry deadline is July 1.

The 4-H Horse and Pony Vaccination Webinar from March 11 can be found here.  Dr. Amanda Farr of Purdue University overviewed the required 4-H vaccinations and defined the purpose for each.  

General Livestock Rules

Livestock ID Forms

General 4-H Rules

Animal Lease Agreement

Vaccination Form - 2021 coming soon

Fair Page

Record Sheets
Grade 3-5
Grade 6-8
Grade 9-12

Horse care and management

FREE Online Horse Education

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