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Hello Blueberries

This is the time of the year we begin to see blueberries pop up at our favorite local markets. During the summer, there is nothing quite like a big bowl of fresh fruit. In fact, blueberries alone pack many antioxidants making them one of the healthiest fruits to consume. They are also rich in vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin K to help protect against damage to molecules and cells within the body.

Additionally, blueberries can be a great source for your daily magnesium and fiber intake. While being very low in calories, blueberries also help promote bone strength and lower your risk of heart disease. Earlier studies discovered that blueberries (compared to other fruits) do not make your blood sugar spike which is especially important for individuals with health conditions such as insulin resistance. 

While most of us can agree that sometimes eating plain fruits and vegetables can be boring, there are ways to spice up your blueberry recipes while still remaining healthy. If you are someone who purchases blueberries in large quantities, you can freeze them for later use. Recipes can range all the way from a blueberry smoothie to mixing them into your oatmeal or salads. Blueberries can be as versatile as you make them. You can enjoy what you are eating while consuming something nutritious for your body.

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