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4-H Benton County

File.jpgNeed to enroll for 4-H? 

Enroll online until January 15th at

or by stopping into the Extension office. You may add or drop projects til May 15th (extended to June 15th).  

All livestock and Horse & Pony must be enrolled by April 1st for Steers and all other animals by May 15th (extended to June 15th).  

Need to connect with your club? 

4-H Club Leaders

  • Oxford- Dan Patch- Jason and Anna Grace, 270-608-5491
  • Fowler's Finest-  Anne Snodgrass, 765-543-4098
  • Earl Park- Helping Hands- Niccole McGinnis, 219-474-3696 and Mackenzie Sondgeroth
  • Boswell- Hometown Hubsters- Lisa Dowell, 765-869-4434 
  • Horse & Pony- Courtney Waling, 217-697-9271
  • Otterbein- Junior Farmers- Kristi Kretzmeier, 765-583-4889
  • Dunnington- Parish Grove- Lynn Lucy, 765-884-1853 and Carrie Buck 765-884-0956
  • Wadena- Lucky Pines- Ashley Bice 765-585-2751
  • Mini 4-H (Cloverbuds)- Maria Budreau 
  • Shooting Sports- Andrew and Amy Wilkinson, 765-413-7178

Where do I find project guidelines and requirements? 

Benton County 4-H Handbook- can be found here

If you are new to Benton County 4-H we also have a Family Guide found below in the files that is to help you get acquainted with our program.  

How do I find out about upcoming workshops, meetings, and events? 

Find the latest month's newsletter on the Benton County homepage of 4honline at 

College Savings Incentive Program

College Savings Incentive Program enroll for incentive here

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