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DIY Lawncare Program

Purdue Extension’s D-I-Y Lawncare Program Gives Residents the Skills Needed to Create Their Dream Lawn  

Make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood with Purdue Extension’s DIY Lawncare program! Do you want to learn how to have a greener, healthier lawn? Join us for this series where you will receive the skills and knowledge on the turf management basics needed to lay the groundwork for creating, establishing, maintaining your lawn.  

DIY Lawncare is a four-evening course designed for homeowners, property renters, and homeowner associations. Session topics include: Basics of Taking Care of Lawns; Lawn Pests and Problems; Weed Identification and Management; Seeding Establishment and Lawn Renovation.  

Whether new or experienced, understanding the basics of turf management will help you create a lawn that others will look at with envy!  The Adams County SWCD will be adding a few short sessions on topics like composting and cover crops.

Purdue Extension-Adams County is pleased to be offering this series of classes March 31st, April 5th, 7th, and 12th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM each evening in person.  These will be at the 4-H Fairgrounds in Monroe in the 4-H Expo Hall.  

The cost to attend this program is $20 per person for all 4 programs, which includes supporting materials and resources for all sessions and will be collected at the first program.   Register by calling the Extension Office 724-5322 or emailing

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