Our Programs

Communicating with Farmers Under Stress

This four hour workshop is for those who work with farmers and their families. Examples include ag lenders, ministers, family members, vets, inspectors, seed/feed sales, breeders, Farm Bureaus and other associations. Because of their personal and business relationship with farmers, these persons may have the first insight that something is amiss. For example, they may notice decline on the farm or have to deny a loan application. People often want to help, but may not be sure what to say or do. This workshop will help participants recognize signs of stress and learn techniques for identifying, approaching and working with farmers who may not cope with stress effectively. Other relevant groups could be health care workers and mental health professionals who may not have a full understanding of the stress factors involved with the agriculture profession.

Weathering the Storm in Agriculture: How to Cultivate a Productive Mindset

This is a 60 minute workshop for farmers and their families. It is designed to help farmers and their families understand the signs and symptoms of chronic stress, to build skills in recognizing and responding to mental health concerns in themselves and others, know where to go for more help and resources. It includes resources about how to handle stress for a more productive mindset on the farm.

Strong Couples Project

Purdue Extension Farm Stress team is partnering with the University of Illinois Extension to offer this program that is designed to allow couples throughout the United States the opportunity to participate, for free, in one of the most scientifically-proven programs to help strengthen relationships. To learn more about the program go to: https://publish.illinois.edu/strongcouples/about-us/