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July 22, 2020
4-H Clover

Vermillion County 4-H / YOUTH DEVELOPMENT
(765) 492-5330 Becky Holbert,
4-H Youth Educator -
Ext 337     holbert@purdue.edu 

Vermillion County Extension Office  703 W Park St   Cayuga IN 47928

Adults (parents, grandparents, neighbors) who are interested in learning more
about volunteering with Vermillion Co. 4H should contact Becky Holbert
at holbert@purdue.edu or call 765-492-5330.

It truly takes a village and the Vermillion Co. 4-H ‘Village’
would only be made more AWESOME with more adults willing
to make a difference AND more YOUTH involved!

**SEE LINK BELOW for 4-H 2020 My Record of Achievement

Vermillion County 4-H Awards - Thurs. July 23 @ 7:PM Grandstands

Vermillion County Livestock Awards - Fri. July 24 @ 6:30 PM Grandstands

Vermillion County Livestock AUCTION - Fri. July 24 @ 7:00 PM Grandstands




Please come Community Building between
9:00 AM-1:00 PM on Sat. July 25. 

If you’re not comfortable coming in the building,
please have a list of WHO you’re picking up for and the projects
being picked up for EACH 4-Her, Mini 4-Her, CloverBud. 
We will have to social distance in the building. 
If coming inside, will need to mask up. 
We’ll have masks available if you forget. 

Foods, Microwave, Baking for Fun, and Cupcake Decorating projects
will have ribbons and scoresheets with comments from the judge.


State Fair Exhibits---Required pictures have been taken and are
in the process of being uploaded for virtual judging at the state fair. 
When we get more details from Purdue on this,
we’ll post on the Vermillion Co. 4H fb page.


Social distancing and masking up
can’t dampen the 4-H SPIRIT
in Vermillion County!  
As always…..it’s shining bright!!!






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