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Beef and Beef Feeder

March 10, 2016
4-H Beef Project

Tuesday, July 19– 3:30 pm
Committee: Co-Chairmen, Jeff Hamm & Shannon Day, Bill McDonnell, Jason Ratts, Toby Russell, Giuseppe Cavaletto, Luke Bond Sheila Martin & Jeff Hale

  1. All 4-H beef cattle must be delivered to Memorial Park on Sunday, July 17, between 8-10 am or 9-11 pm. Fair weigh-in will be 8-9 am on that Monday.
  2. All beef animals must have a halter on at all weigh-ins. All beef animals that come to the March beef weigh-in must have a rope halter and the handler must be able to lead and control the animal or it will not be weighed and tagged.
  3. All 4-H beef steers & commercial heifers enrolled in Henry County and/or State Fair must be identified with a county ear tag and RFID tag and weighed on the designated date and location set by the beef committee. All weights will be recorded for a rate-of-gain contest. The winner will be announced during the Champion Beef Show.
  4. All registered heifers must have an RFID tag. They may be brought to beef weigh-in or a tag may be obtained from the Extension Office and placed in the animal before May 15.
  5. Registered heifers must be enrolled and identified by registration # or dams registration # and RFID tag by May 15.
  6. If showing purebred beef breeding animals, they must be registered in a recognized herd book showing ownership by club member as of May 15. Each member should own his own beef exhibit. Partnership of members with parent or other adult is accepted in classes for breeding animals. A certificate of registration or transfer must be presented to the beef committee chairman before the time of the show. This certificate must show that the exhibitor owns the animals exhibited, either entirely or in partnership on or before March 17, 2016 (steers & commercial heifers) or May 15, 2016 (reg. heifers). For proper enrollment on registration papers, see the general livestock rules (pages 76-77) or the State Fair Premium Book located on
  7. A maximum of six beef steers and six beef heifers may be shown.
  8. Any angus steer showing scurs will be in the crossbred class.
  9. Breeds are subject to screening by the Beef Committee to insure breed characteristics are correct. Entries not fitting breed characteristics will be put in crossbred class. 
  10. Heifers may declare at the county fair to be placed in a Market Heifer Class. Champion Market Heifer will be shown for Grand Champion against the steers. 
  11. Once breed is determined on Fair Entry, purebreds may be changed to crossbred if necessary. Purebreds cannot be changed to another purebred. 
  12. All breed classes will follow State Fair guidelines. 
  13. All calves must be securely tied with a halter and neck tie through the exhibit.
  14. Henry County will refer to State 4-H rules in matters of dispute for guidance.
  15. 4-H Beef members are to use the outside wash rack. No Beef animals permitted in inside racks!
  16. Purebred heifers will be shown by age and commercial heifers will be shown by weight. 
  17. Henry County Livestock Record MUST be completed and turned in with green folder.
  18. Only Champion and Reserve Champion animals in each breed will be eligible to show for Grand, Reserve Grand and 3rd Best Market Animals. 
  19. Beef cattle tie on west end of cattle barn or east annex. 
  20. Dairy dairy cattle tie on east end cattle barn
  21. Anyone showing both Beef & Dairy may tie where they want.


Senior Calf (9-1 to 12-31-15)
Summer Yearling (5-1 to 8-31-15)
Junior Yearling (1-1 to 4-13-15)
Senior Yearling (9-1 to 12-31-14)



  1. 4-H member may make no more than 5 entries in this class.
  2. Cow must have been shown in Henry Co. 4-H Beef Show by the member or a brother or sister.
  3. Cow and Calf both must show.
  4. Entries will be made after the Steers have weighed in on Monday.
  5. Cows may be brought Tuesday prior to show and released following show.
  6. Class will be shown according to show order.
  7. All pairs will show in one class.
  8. Cows must be halter broke.
  9. Animals in this class must be shown by a 4-H member.


  1. Feeder Calf Class is county project only.
  2. Feeder Calves cannot go through the county auction.
  3. Calves will be shown by weight.
  4. Calves must be born after January 1, 2016 and must be entered by June 1.
  5. Feeder calves can be steers, heifers or bulls and will be shown by gender. 
  6. Members may decide to have Beef Feeder calves tagged with an RFID tag & county tag. If tagged, these animals can come back and compete for champion/reserve champion of returning calves. This award is not eligible for
    the sale of champions.

Junior Showmanship - Grades 3-4-5
Intermediate Showmanship - Grades 6-7-8
Senior Showmanship - Grade 9-10-11-12
NOTE: Two steers may be shown in one Class.

DUANE FARLEY & FAMILY - Trophy to Grand Champion Beef Heifer.
SUBURBAN PROPANE- Trophy to Reserve Grand Champion Heifer, Trophy to Champion Shorthorn
FARM WORLD - Banner to Grand Champion Heifer
THE MANNING LAW OFFICE, LLC – Medals to Grand Champion Heifer & Steer, Plaque to 1st Place Cow/Calf Class, Trophy to Champion Heifer, Bred, Born & Raised in Henry County
SPARKS FARM—Banner to Grand Champion Market Animal
ROYCE & DARA COOK—Banner to Reserve Grand Champion Heifer, Trophy to Champion Hereford Heifer
ANONYMOUS DONORS - Trophy to Grand Champion Market Animal
DENNIS LAWN & GARDEN EQUIPMENT, INC. - $20 to Grand Champion Market Animal
TONY IRVIN & FAMILY - Director's Chair to Grand Champion Market Animal
MALCOLM IRVIN - Trophy to Champion Crossbred Steer
HENRY COUNTY BEEF BOOSTERS - Banner to Reserve Grand Champion Market Animal
GARY COFFMAN & FAMILY - Trophy to Reserve Grand Champion Market Animal
STEVE & JENNIE HARVEY & FAMILY - Trophy to Champion Shorthorn Steer, Banner to Third Best Market Animal
MERCHANTS BANK OF INDIANA- Director’s Chair to Grand Champion Heifer, Trophy to Champion Simmental Steer
MT. LAWN SPEEDWAY - Trophy to Grand Champion Beef Showman
DAVE CHAMBERS, ABS GLOBAL - Trophy to Rate-of-Gain Winner, Plaque to Champion Maine Anjou Heifer
JAY & JACK CRONK - Trophies to Champion Angus Steer and Heifer
THOMPSON CHAROLAIS FARMS - Trophy to Champion Charolais Steer & Heifer
THE KENDALL FAMILY- Trophy to Champion Hereford Steer
TOM & SHANA CUTTER - Trophy to Champion Chianina Heifer
JOHN & JUDY MARLATT - Trophy to Senior Beef Showman
CLAAR FARMS - Trophy to Intermediate Beef Showman
BROTHERHOOD LODGE 3-5-7, KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Plaque to Champion Chianina Steer
WILLIAM MEFFORD RACING- Plaque to Champion Maine Anjou Steer
FLAT ROCK FARMS-TED & MANDY JESTER & FAMILY - Plaque to Henry County's Highest Placing Beef at State Fair (Heifer or Steer)
TONY WRIGHT & FAMILY - Trophy to Champion Simmental Heifer
DEER CREEK LIMOUSIN - Trophy to Champion Limousin Heifer
MATT & AMY WRIGHT - Trophy to Champion Commercial Heifer
UNITED PRODUCERS INC. - Trophy to Bred, Born & Raised in Henry County Champion Beef Steer
JEFF HAMM & FAMILY - Banner to Champion Beef Heifer, Bred, Born & Raised in Henry County;
Banner to Champion Beef Steer, Bred, Born & Raised in Henry County
TIM & BRENDA CHAPMAN - Gift Card to Best Beef Showman
SHENANDOAH 4-H CLUB - Trophy to Champion Limousin Steer
INDIANA CHAROLAIS ASSOC. - special ribbons for Champion Steer and Heifer; also special ribbons for Reserve Champion Steer and Reserve Champion Heifer
GARY HALCOMB FAMILY -Trophy to Best Junior Beef Showman
INDIANA SANTA GERTRUDIS ASSOCIATION—Trophies to Champion Santa Gertrudis Heifer and Steer
K & H AG SALES—Trophy to Champion Mainetainer Heifer, Trophy to Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer
ANONYMOUS—Trophy to Champion Red Angus Heifer
JR & SHEILA MARTIN—Trophy to Champion SimSolution Heifer, Trophy to Champion AOB Steer

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