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Harrison County Performing Arts Contest

February 28, 2020
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Harrison County Performing Arts Contest

Date: March 6th

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Corydon Live! 220 Hurst Ln, Corydon, IN 47112

Registration: Registration is DUE February 28, 2020. Registration forms can be found online below or at the Extension Office.

The top three acts will represent Harrison County at the Area Performing Arts contest. The Winner of the Area Performing Arts will appear at Round-Up at Purdue University or the Indiana State Fair.

Types of Acts:

CURTAIN ACTS: MUSICAL and NON-MUSICAL- Club may submit unlimited number of entries.

The Non-Musical and Musical Curtain Act will be presented by not more than four (4) entertainers. These acts require 3-5 minutes; acts going under/over this time limit will be penalized.

GROUP ACTS: Clubs may submit one entry.

The Group Act will be presented by five (5) or more entertainers. Group acts require 5-8 minutes; acts going over/under this time limit will be penalized. Mini 4-H members may participate as long as they do not have leading roles and are simply "extras".

Eligibility of Entertainers

All entertainers in curtains and groups must be officially enrolled as a 4-H Club Member. Entertainers may participate in both group and curtain acts.

Mini 4-H Members- Mini 4-H'ers may participate in Group Acts only. They cannot have a lead role.

Costumes and State Properties

Entertainers must furnish all costumes and special properties required for their act. All properties should be planned for speedy staging. Some equipment may be provided by the Extension Office (see registration form). Every effort will be made to accommodate equipment, sound, and light requests, however, we cannot make any guarantees.


Contact Rebecca Wikins at 812-738-4236 or wilkin33@purdue.edu

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