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Summertime Snacking With Salsa

June 28, 2019
Pico de Gallo

Nothing says summer more than fresh salsa! Eating fruits and veggies in a variety of colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and brown make for a pretty plate and an even better palate of nutrients for good health!

Cooking with your children can also help show them early on about healthy eating and they can also stay sharp using math, measuring and reading skills by following recipes!


Lending a Helping Hand

            Kids love to help in the kitchen! Keep the following tips in mind while you prepare food:

At 2 years:

At 3 years:

            All that a 2 year old can do plus:

At 4 years:

            All that a 3 year old can do plus:

At 5 years:

            All that a 4 year old can do, plus:


Fresh Salsa (Pico de Gallo)

6 tomatoes, preferably Roma, washed and diced

½ medium onion, washed and finely chopped

1 clove garlic, finely minced

2 serrano or jalapeno peppers, washed and finely chopped (optional)

3 tablespoons fresh cilantro, washed and chopped

Juice of 1 lime

1/8 teaspoon dried oregano, finely crushed

1/8 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper

½ avocado, washed and diced

Gently rub produce and fresh herbs under cold running water before cutting. Combine all ingredients in a glass or stainless steel bowl. Serve immediately, or refrigerate and serve within 4-5 hours.

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