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The Full Tilt

It’s that time of year again! You meet yourself coming and going but still can’t seem to find where you laid that report down. It’s gotta be here somewhere. You’ve been busy before, but this year feels different. It feels heavier somehow, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. You’re not the only one feeling this way. Between the deer/hunting season, the “normal” load, the regulation changes and the impending holiday season there isn’t much room left for self-reflection, much less self-care. How are you going to get it all done? I can promise you it won’t be all at once. It’ll be the same way you eat a whole elephant - one bite at a time.


Now is a good time to do some stress triage - which I promise you takes no time at all. Simply write down a list of everything stressing you out right now - in this moment. Try to focus on the short term. Now look at each item and determine whether it's within your control or out of your control. If it's within your control, think of one thing you could do in the next week to make it 1% better. If it's outside of your control, try to think of one thing you could learn about it in the next week. That’s it!  If you’re like me, the unknowns about those things out of my control are the scariest part. So spending some time learning and taking away that unknown factor can help ease some of that stress. Is this a foolproof method that 100% of the time works every time? NO. If you’re picking up anything from these articles I hope you’ve gathered that there’s no 100% right way to handle your stress - it looks different for everyone. It’s most important that you don’t handle your stress the WRONG way (i.e. overdrinking, oversmoking, oversleeping, undersleeping,  isolating yourself, overeating, undereating, etc.). These negative coping mechanisms will only multiply your problems. I try to sprinkle several different stress-relief or stress-management options in each article because not all of them will speak to everyone, but if one of them speaks to you please use it.


As we get deep into the EPA survey & regulation changes, knowledge of what’s going on can be a great way to keep that stress managed. Which is important, because you’re about to get hit with the holidays. That ever-so-joyous time of year that always ends up being more stressful than wonderful, both at home and at work. Let’s talk about some of that stress now so you don’t get accused of being a scrooge later. One of the most common stressors during the holiday season is - you guessed it - money! How are we going to pay for all this food, the gifts, the travel, everything? Some will work extra hours to cover the extra expense. With those extra hours, though, comes the guilt of missing out on time spent at home during the holiday season. Quite often, it feels like a no-win situation. How can we get through this with a decent amount of sanity intact?

Let’s start with compartmentalizing some things. Do your best to leave work at work and home at home so you can focus on the present. It’s so much easier said than done but taking a minute before you get out of the car at home to take a deep breath, refocus your mind and be present with your family will allow you to make memories at home you may otherwise miss out on. You can do the same before you get out of the car at work - clear your mind and focus on the tasks at hand. Then, remember your priorities. Take some time on your commute between work and home to figure out your “WHY?” Why do you go to work every day? (To pay bills? To provide for your family? To work hard towards a business goal?) Why do you make the sacrifices you do? (For your kids? For your family? Saving for something special?) Why are you working weekends? (To grow your business? To continue your family’s legacy? To make some extra money? To be there for your staff?) It’s going to be different for everyone, but finding your WHY can help you refocus your attention on the tasks that need done at home or at work and help you remember the driving force behind it all. This busy season is just that - a season. Seasons come and go, but the memories you make with your family, the relationships at work, the hard work you put in for your customers and employees - that extends well past any season.

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