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Indiana 4-H Quality Livestock Care

grouping of farm animals
MONDAY, MAY 20, 2024, 4:30 PM, SULLIVAN COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS -- To exhibit BEEF CATTLE, DAIRY CATTLE, SWINE, SHEEP, MEAT GOATS, DAIRY GOATS, POULTRY, and RABBITS, 4-H members must be certified through the Indiana 4-H Quality Livestock Care training OR the online Youth for the Quality Care of Animals program (YQCA). 1. This certification must be done on an annual basis. 2. Members must be registered BEFORE attending a training. 3. Members may attend any training dates listed in "Events" OR a training in another county OR complete the online YQCA training. 4. The in-person class fee of $3 is due when the 4-Her attends the class.
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