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Experience Incubator Interactive Workshop: Explore Starting a Business at Age 50+

Workshops Explore Starting a Business at Age 50+ 

Purdue Extension will teach a series of interactive workshops to help individuals in the 50+ age range discover their inner entrepreneur and the initial steps needed to launch a business. 

The workshops explore entrepreneurial thinking and application and include the following topics: 

  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  2. What is Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting?
  3. Decoding Your Entrepreneurial History
  4. Anatomy of an Idea
  5. Building Your Brain Trust
  6. Branding that Brings Results
  7. Finance: Common Sense and Cents
  8. Entrepreneurship is a Verb, not a Business Plan – Just Start!

In addition to the workshops, you will receive coaching from the Small Business Development Center after completion if you choose to move forward with your business idea.  

The Workshops are held on Zoom from 3-4 pm CT on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon in March: 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, and 28.  Register by February 28, 2024

The cost of the workshop series is $99 and is payable when you register.


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