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Text: rainscaping education program


Rainscaping is a combination of sustainable landscape design and management practices that prevents polluted runoff from reaching water bodies, directing stormwater to be absorbed by plants and soils.

The Purdue Rainscaping Education Program provides training and resources on rainscaping practices that can be installed in residential settings or small-scale public space projects




The program provides advanced training in rain garden planning, installation, and maintenance for:

  • Purdue Extension Master Gardeners
  • Conservation agencies and organizations
  • Stormwater professionals
  • Landscape companies and consultants
  • Anyone interested in applying rainscaping in their yard or their community

Participants are encouraged to attend as a community team to support the implementation of public education programs and provide technical assistance to homeowners upon completion of the training.


The cost for this workshop is $95. 

Registration deadline, June 10, 2024.




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