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Grass to Garden

grass to garden signature program

Learn how to start a community-based garden. This class is geared toward community garden leaders, whether you are currently operating a garden or plan to in the future. From improving access to fruits and vegetables to educating people on how food is grown, community gardens offer many benefits to the place you call home.
Every garden project is unique, and Grass to Garden will help you learn more than just how to grow plants, helping your program thrive by:

     • Strengthening agricultural and community development efforts
     • Improving access to local, nutritious foods
     • Creating healthier communities and more!


In this class, you will learn about:

     • Pre-garden planning essential to success
     • Community Engagement and garden team management
     • Site selection and preparation
     • Growing and harvesting




This class suits non-profit employees, local officials, community volunteers, and garden enthusiasts.

The registration fee is $75 per individual and includes a workbook. Register by April 19, 2024.

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