Get Involved

There are a number of ways individuals, businesses, and organizations can get involved with the Mandela Washington Fellowship at Purdue University:


We are seeking coaches/mentors with an entrepreneurial/business background in any field to connect with the Fellows of the Mandela Washington Fellowship program. We are requesting a total of three sessions of one hour each between you and your selected Fellow that will be coordinated at a mutually convenient time for you to share your expertise and experience. The Fellows will seek your advice/input to develop their focus project/business plan and business pitch. We will provide an honorarium of $100/session for a total of $300 for the three sessions.

business coaches APPLICATION

Focus Project Coaching Overview

host family dinners

Typically, this is the first visit to the United States for most Fellows. Their English is very good although their native language may originate from a local dialect. As part of our cultural exchange, we are seeking families in the greater Lafayette area to host a hospitality visit with one to three Fellows as part of our cultural exchange. They have an incredibly rich and diverse cultural background, and are anxious to know more about America, our culture and values, as well as share theirs. The objective for this unique opportunity is for Fellows to know more about you, and for you to know about the Fellows and their backgrounds. These opportunities were noted by the Fellows as being the most enjoyable and memorable activities during their fellowship. 

HOST FAMILY application


Informal networking opportunities

These events provide an opportunity for anyone to interact and engage with the Fellows. You are welcome to participate and build lasting relationships.