All in a Day’s Work

Purdue Extension 2018 Annual Report

Purdue Extension offices may not be open 24/7. But the work we do to transform lives and livelihoods across Indiana resonates in every hour of the day.

You see our work when an Indiana farmer smiles at supper, after another productive day of putting our one-on-one tips about innovation, diversity and sustainability into action.

It’s in the satisfaction of a third-shift worker, who has achieved her dream of that big promotion with what she learned from our occupational training programs.

Our work is in the racing heart of a kid on a county-fair morning, demonstrating the skills she learned in our Indiana 4-H program and hearing the crowd roar.

And it’s in the proud eyes of a parent on the afternoon drive home who has never heard his child this excited about school — the result of our positive strategies to strengthen families.

In the 2018 Annual Report, you’ll see just how much Purdue Extension helps the people of Indiana throughout the day, every day. You’ll also get a glimpse of what’s coming in the days ahead. Quality communities. Strong families. Thriving agriculture. Talented leaders.

When it comes to Purdue Extension, these are all in a day’s work. I hope you enjoy our 2018 annual report.




Jason Henderson
Director, Purdue Extension and Associate Dean, Purdue College of Agriculture