Welcome to the 2021 Indiana 4-H Road Show! 

We are excited to invite youth in grades 7-12 to participate in some combination of 18 days of fun and learning…about a wide range of topics! The Indiana 4-H Road Show includes parts of the 4-H Academy @ Purdue, State 4-H Junior Leader Conference, and 4-H Round-Up in a series of one-day sessions.

     Instead of bringing several hundred people together in one location for these events, we are taking them closer to you this summer! Each session will be held in multiple counties around the State of Indiana. You’ll be able to gather in person with other students who are interested in topics similar to you. During each session, you’ll hear from campus experts virtually and interact with others at your site while you participate in hands-on activities at the in-person location you choose. 

     Listed below is a description of each day’s sessions along with the date that each will be held. Click here for a printable list of session descriptions. Once you have identified sessions that interest you, click on the registration link in 4-H Online to select the sessions and sites where you will attend. Registrations are due by June 1.

     Each day’s session will begin with on-site check-in at 9:00 a.m. (ET). The program begins at 9:30 a.m. Lunch will be held at noon, and the program will conclude following the afternoon program at 3:30 p.m. Registration is $25 per person for each day, or $100 for a participant to attend 5 days.

More Registration Information

When you register for 5 sessions, you will be charged the full amount of $125 (5 @ $25). Upon attending each of the 5 sessions you have registered for, a $25 refund will be returned to you in July. You may choose any sessions that interest you - they do not need to take place on consecutive days.

Youth who register for these sessions and who have not previously enrolled in the Indiana 4-H Program for 2020-2021 will have a one-time $15 4-H Program Fee added to the $25 Road Show session fee. This program fee will enable you to have access to other programs offered through Indiana 4-H through the end of the 4-H Program year (Sept 30, 2021).
Check with your County Extension Office to see if there is any funding available to cover a portion of the registration fee for the Indiana 4-H Road Show.

Included with your registration fee is lunch, a special 4-H item, and resources related to that day’s Road Show session.

Learn more about a session:

The Bee’s Needs and How Plants Do What They Do

Is your town a good place for bees to live? Learn to think like a bee and assess pollinator habitat. You will also explore several processes responsible for keeping plants alive.  From water to DNA to seeds, each plant process has an important part to play in how plants keep humans alive!

Monday, June 14

Session #1


  • Dr. Gwen Pearson, Department of Entomology, Purdue University
  • Dr. Kathryn Orvis, Department of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication, Purdue University 
Reach Your Leadership Destination

Looking for some awesome activities that you can lead with groups of youth in your community? Interested in developing your personal leadership skills? Members of the 2021 State 4-H Junior Leader Council will be leading you through a series of hands-on activities as you connect with other Jr. Leaders in your area. Together, you will Reach Your Leadership Destination!

Tuesday, June 15

Session #2


  • Members of the 2021 State 4-H Junior Leader Council

  • Steve McKinley, 4-H Extension Specialist, State 4-H Office 
4-H Fitness Combine + Career Decisions & Knowledge in Action

AM - Students will learn and experience multiple aspects of health, fitness, and performance. In the course we will discuss concepts of comprehensive fitness, performance, and assessment methods commonly used for athletes and the general population. Students will actively participate in the assessments and get to experience the first ever 4-H Combine (our version of the NFL Combine).

PM - This session features hands-on activities that explore employability skills with a focus on "soft skills" that will aid participants to apply their own identified skills and interests to the job search process. This includes consideration of social media presentation.

Wednesday, June 16

Session #3


  • Cassandra Ledman, Clinical Assistant Professor,  Department of Health & Kinesiology
  • Scott Lawrance, Clinical Professor,  Department of Health & Kinesiology
  • Lane Yahiro, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Health & Kinesiology & Director of AH Ismail Center
  • Juanita Crider
Show Me the Money + Exploring Career Options

AM- Who doesn’t like to spend money? But do you know how to do it in a way that will allow you to enjoy life now and in the future? This workshop will cover how to become a savvy shopper, develop SMART Goals for saving, and the basics of investing.

PM- Do you know what career opportunities are out there? What education or training is required for your future career? In this session, you will take a career quiz that will provide you with a career code to help unlock future career options and information on each career path. If you are unsure about what you can do in your career, this session will help provide you with a foundation and understanding of potential careers.

Thursday, June 17

Session #4


  • Naomi Bechtold
  • Jessica Chapman
Explore Animal Science Careers + Companion Animal Science Careers

AM - Veterinarians, herdsman, scientists, managers, oh my! Learn about the over 500 career opportunities available for students who study Animal Sciences at Purdue. We will take you on a career exploration journey where you will discover your strengths and realize your future plans with Animal Sciences.

PM - Do you love animals; and horses in specific? Enough that you want a career working with horses? There are so many options; some with hands on horse contact, and some without. We will discuss all of those, you will be amazed at the variety of ways you can make a living with horses other than being a veterinarian or a horse trainer. 

Friday, June 18

Session #5


  • Dr. Barry Delks 
  • Elizabeth Byers -Doten 
  • Dr. Colleen Brady 
Exploring Robotics in Engineering

Have you ever wondered how machines work? What gives them the power to perform their movements and complete tasks? Join this session to learn more about robotics and how they follow commands and perform their jobs. You’ll hear from experts in the field and see how these robots work; from fluid power to computerized movements! 

Monday, June 21

Session #6


  • Dongming Gan, School of Engineering Technology
  • Dr. Jose Garcia, Purdue Polytechnic Institute
The Science Behind Food Safety and Processing

What’s growing on my spinach? Will eating expired food make me sick? Can environmentally friendly cleaning products be used in a commercial food processing facility? These questions and more will be answered as youth learn the science behind food safety and processing. Participants will engage in hands-on activities illustrating these scientific principles.

Tuesday, June 22

Session #7


  • Dr. Amanda Deering, Purdue Department of Food Sciences
  • Dr. Yaohua “Betty” Feng, Purdue Department of Food Sciences
  • Dr. Natalie Carroll, Purdue Department of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
Community Change Starts with Me

This session will allow you to participate in a poverty simulation to learn about real issues faced by a person living in poverty. You will connect with statewide service organizations whose mission is to assist others. You will leave with an action plan that will allow you to make a positive change in your community, because community change starts with you!

Wednesday, June 23

Session #8


  • Mindy Duckett, Purdue Extension Community Wellness Coordinator, Hendricks, Parke, & Putnam Counties
  • Kati Sweet, 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator, Hendricks County
  • Steve McKinley, 4-H Extension Specialist, State 4-H Office 
Where the wildlife things are: exploring natural resources

Join us for a session all about exploring the natural world. From wildlife to aquatic sciences, forestry, and natural resources, we will cover various topics and careers related to working in nature.

Thursday, June 24

Session #9


  • Miranda Furrer, 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator, White County
  • Jarred Brooke, Extension Wildlife Specialist
  • Megan Gunn, Recruitment and Outreach Specialist
  • Julie Pluimer, FNR Academic Advisor
Building a Mini Smarthouse from Scratch

Using sensors and a micro:bit kit, youth will learn concepts in engineering design, circuitry, and coding to build a mini “smart house”. The completed design has a functioning doorbell, light coded to turn different colors based on ambient lighting, a working fan that will turn on when a certain temperature is reached, and an LED display letting you know the current room temperature. Youth also learn workforce development skills such as the engineering design process, communication, creative and critical thinking. 

Friday, June 25

Session #10


  • Danielle Sands, Extension Specialist, 4-H Engineering and Technology
Constructing Your Future

This session will focus on construction and engineering design. Learn how civil engineering is used to design strong, sturdy structures in all aspects including entertainment and in emergencies. Construction skills also transfer into life skills. You will also hear about different trades use these skills in different careers.

Monday, June 28

Session #11


  • Vincent Lobello, Theatre-Technical/Engineering
  • Susan Kalifah, Civil Engineering
  • Lynn Busby
The Use of Aviation in Ag Business and How Airplanes Fly

AM -  Youth participants will learn how the aviation and agriculture industries depend on each other. Youth will also learn how airports work to minimize environmental impacts on airport and surrounding properties. Using a hands-on activity participants will design an environmentally friendly airport using a given scenario.

PM - An average commercial airplane weighs 90,000 pounds without passengers, luggage or fuel. Youth will learn the science of flight and will put their knowledge to work by designing and constructing their own airplane. 

Tuesday, June 29

Session #12

  • Dr. Stewart Schreckengast, Purdue Polytechnic Institute, Aviation and Transportation Technology
  • Dr. Ronda Cassens, Purdue Polytechnic Institute, Aviation and Transportation Technology

Introduction to Emergency Medical Services and Life Saving Skills + Pharmacy Careers & Compounding

AM - First Response EMS is the first step in prehospital emergency care and begins the critical life saving actions for patients. In this session participants will be introduced  to the various careers in EMS beyond nurses and doctors; Firefighters, paramedics, rescue teams, flight crews, swat medics, hazmat medics, and the list goes, including some careers you may have never thought of.  Youth will also learn and practice some of the basic skills for a career in EMS. 

PM - Have you ever thought about a career in Pharmacy? If so, join us to learn about the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum at Purdue and pharmacy career opportunities. Then get hands-on by learning how to write and fill a prescription, practice patient counseling and create a compound preparation that you can take home.

Wednesday, June 30

Session #13


  • Captain Toby Frost, Lafayette Fire Department
  • Storie Pedley, Academic Advisor, Lead, Assistant Director of Student Services, Purdue College of Pharmacy
  • Jane Kraus, MS, RPh, Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Purdue College of Pharmacy

Grilled Pizza Garden - A Market Basket Challenge Cook-Off

 Join us for a cooking competition to create the tastiest pizza with farm-fresh veggies and other ingredients cooked over an open fire (grilled). Participants will be teamed up and a panel of judges will compare notes and choose a winning team!

Thursday, July 1

Session #14


  • Dawn Sieber, Clinical Professional Instructor/Chef Instructor, Purdue Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management
Using Robotics and Sensors for Sustainable Farm Management Practices

Robotics are everywhere, even in agriculture. Learn about how robotics and sensors are used in farm management practices and how they will help agriculture in the future. This fun, interactive session will leave you with a better understanding of sustainable farm management practices and how you can apply the concepts at home.

Tuesday, July 6

Session #15


  • Jon Charlesworth, CED, Extension Educator, Ag and Natural Resources, Benton and Warren Counties
  • Richard Voyles, Engineering Technology
Understanding Ourselves – Relating to Others

The more we understand ourselves, the better we relate to others, especially those from different cultural backgrounds. In this session, you’ll learn how our culture influences how we interact with others and ways to avoid misunderstandings. Through various activities and role-playing skits, you will discover more about yourself while practicing how to have respectful conversations with those from different cultures.

Wednesday, July 7

Session #16


  • Dr. Mark Russell, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication, Purdue University
  • Dr. Mark Tucker, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication, Purdue University

Groundwater Contamination and Human Health and Groundwater Detectives

AM - Students will learn about how groundwater moves and how we can track contamination. This hands-on experiment will have students build their own edible aquifer and see firsthand how below-ground water moves and changes and how it is affected by people's actions. 

PM - Students will learn about how community members may get exposed to contaminants in groundwater. This hands-on session will have students plot levels of community members' exposure to a chemical contaminant in groundwater, drinking water, and residential indoor air. We will compare the exposure levels to federal exposure limits and discuss health risks related to these exposures.

Thursday, July 8

Session #17


  • Amanda Limiac
  • Sa Liu
Game On! Developing Interpersonal Career Skills 

Strong interpersonal skills are essential for succeeding in any career. Many youth and adults need career readiness training to help them find, keep, and advance in jobs. Employers of all types of disciplines and industries expect workers to not only know technical skills but most importantly interpersonal communications and abilities to work in teams of people who are different from themselves. This session helps you discover and develop methods to improve your interpersonal skills engaging participants to learn career readiness skills such as business management, negotiation skills, and critical thinking skills using games. 

Friday, July 9

Session #18


  • Dr. Mark Russell, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication, Purdue University
  • Dr. Neil Knobloch, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication, Purdue University
  • Stephen McBride, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication, Purdue University

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