Jr. Leaders

​The Junior Leader project allows 4-H members in grades 7-12 the opportunity to provide their Adult 4-H Volunteers with additional assistance in their 4-H Clubs and related activities. Jr. Leaders also serve as mentors and role models to the younger 4-H members by sharing their experiences with them. Many counties offer county-wide opportunities for Jr. Leaders to meet and serve the community.

College Majors

  • Human Services
  • Law and Society
  • Organizational Leadership and Supervision
  • Political Science
  • Prelaw
  • Public Relations and Strategic Communications
  • Management


  • Community Service
  • Law
  • Politics and Public Speaking



Exhibit Requirements

#Adulting 101 

     The #Adulting 101 resources have been developed for use with Indiana 4-H Junior Leaders. These lessons provide information on some basic skills that youth will need as they enter adulthood. The lessons can be completed as a group or individually. The lessons are numbered, but may be completed in any order.

Lesson 1: Wheels, Deals, and Automobiles

Lesson 2: Why Credit Matters

    • Junior Leader Lesson Plan: Why Credit Matters
    • Take Control of Your Credit Score Brochure (handout)
    • Spot the Credit Crisis Activity Sheet (handout)
    • Spot the Credit Crisis Answer Key (answer key)

Lesson 3: Rock the Vote!

    • Junior Leader Lesson Plan: Rock the Vote!
    • Matching Voting Steps Activity (handout)
    • 2020 Indiana Voter Information Guide (handout)

Lesson 4: Tackling Your Laundry Pile

    • Junior Leader Lesson Plan: Tackling Your Laundry Pile
    • Laundry Symbols Cheat Sheet (handout)
    • Oh No, Stains! Activity (University of Nebraska handout)

Lesson 5: Schemes, Scams, & Ploys

    • Junior Leader Lesson Plan: Schemes, Scams, and Ploys
    • Schemes, Scams, and Ploys Graphic Organizer for Activity (handout)
    • Schemes, Scams, and Ploys presentation (PPT)

Lesson 6: Medicine 101

    • Junior Leader Lesson Plan: Medicine 101
    • Medicine 101 Vocabulary List (handout)
    • Medicine 101 presentation (PPT)
    • Medicine Tell Me the Question activity (PPT)

Lesson 7: Understanding Taxes

    • Junior Leader Lesson Plan: Understanding Taxes
    • Understanding Taxes Paycheck (handout)
    • Understanding Taxes IRS 1040 Form (handout)
    • Understanding Taxes IRS W-4 Form (handout)
    • Example IRS 1040 Form (handout)
    • Example IRS W-4 Form (handout)

Lesson 8: Become the Iron Chef in Your Kitchen

    • Junior Leader Lesson Plan: Become the Iron Chef in Your Kitchen
    • Iron Chef Supply List (handout)
    • Iron Chef Night (Morgan County handout)
    • Iron Chef Needs (Morgan County handout)


Advisor Resources

     Resources for Advisors who work with 4-H Junior Leader programs are provided here. These resources are designed to help you effectively organize and advise the youth participating in the program.

  • Promising Practices for Indiana 4-H Junior Leader Programming
  • 4-H Mentor Manual
  • 4-H Junior Leader Advisor Role Description
  • 4-H Junior Leader Officer Role Descriptions
  • Guest Speaker Ideas

Branding Resources

     Resources to provide a consistent brand to the Indiana 4-H Junior Leader Program are provided here. Included are graphics that can be used in conjunction with the Purdue/Extension/4-H co-branding graphics. 

  • How to Use the 4-H Junior Leader Brand
  • Indiana 4-H Junior Leader Graphics
    • Color
    • Black and White
    • White
  • 4-H Junior Leader Fillable Lesson Plan Template
  • Zoom background
  • Social media posts
  • Purdue and 4-H co-branding
    • Normal
    • Reverse
  • Notebook cover and spine