​Illustrated Talk​​​

An illustrated talk is offered at the Indiana State Fair in poultry and rabbits. All participants must complete the Indiana State Fair Rabbit or Poultry entry form. This completed form is to be submitted to the rabbit or poultry barn office, respective to the contest, at check-in. There is no Indiana State Fair entry fee for this event. Categories will be Novice (grades 3-4), Junior (grades 5-6), Intermediate (grades 7-8), Senior (grades 9-10), and Master (grades 11-12). An illustrated talk is for any 4-H member and allows the member to present a 5-7 minute speech to the audience on a topic related to that project while using props and/or a PowerPoint, Prezi, or other digital presentation. Live animals that would be eligible to show in that project may be used in the illustrated talk.​

To learn more visit the Verbal Communications page by clicking here. ​​