Teens as Teachers​​

Two teens dressed in biosecurity gear

Teens as Teachers is an opportunity for teams of 3-5 youth and one adult mentor to learn how to be teachers and subject matter experts of a topic of their choice, and are empowered to deliver programming to their community. This weekend training is for youth in grades 8-11. In addition to studying the subject matter of their choice, youth will learn fundamentals of hands-on learning, ages and stages of youth development, public speaking, and lesson planning.

  • Teens as Teachers will be held February 21-23, 2020 at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, IN.
  • Registration fee is $50/youth participant. There is no registration fee for adult mentors.
  • Teams will register through through their county 4-H educator. Educators will register teams through 4HOnline
  • Registration deadline is February 3, 2020.  ​
  • 2020 flyer (prints 2 per page)

Five different subject areas are available for teams to choose from:

Animal Biosecurity

This program will focus on incorporating engineering design and maker activities into 4-H Animal Science Programs. This session is designed to provide an avenue for youth interested in learning about animals who do not have access to live animals, while also providing STEM learning opportunities for more traditional 4-H livestock members. Each team will receive a kit of hands-on “maker” and robotics activities for youth in grades 3-8. Teams will also inform youth about where their food comes from throughout their training sessions.

Computer Science

This program will build off of past years' success with computer coding that was launched as Indiana participated in a grant funded by National 4-H Council and Google.

Healthy Living

This program will focus on nutrition, physical activity, and social/emotional health activities and lessons. Teen teachers will be trained to implement healthy living programs in their communities using fun and creative methods.

Teen Leadership

The resources included in this program will enable teens to lead community-based activities designed to help their peers develop leadership life skills, leading to enhanced workforce development skills.

Fluid Power

The Fluid Power track is designed to introduce STEM concepts to high school students in a fun and exciting environment. Teens will learn about the basics of hydraulics and pneumatics in different applications and work in teams as they experiment and design their own unique machines to solve real world problems. Teens will gain experience in hands-on learning, problem-solving, and teamwork. It also introduces them to careers in the fluid power industry. Teens will also be given tools to teach others about hydraulics and pneumatics in real life applications.

*Each track has a limit to the number of teams that may be registered. Register early to ensure your first choice is available!