​​Indiana 4-H Animal Ethics Program

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The purpose of the Indiana 4-H Livestock Program is to provide real-life educational opportunities that allow youth to develop livestock skills and learn about animal-related careers, and more importantly to learn what it means to be responsible for something other than themselves. This is only one part of a larger 4-H youth development program that aims to develop young people who will have a positive impact in their communities and the world. The main goal of the 4-H livestock program is to ensure 4-H members are learning to ethically raise, care for, and exhibit their animals to meet current food safety guidelines. Parents and other adult mentors play a significant role in this learning experience for youth. This online 4-H Animal Ethics Program was developed to provide educational tools to the adults who are working with 4-H livestock members. The goals of this program include:

  • Provide a foundation for 4-H families to start a conversation about livestock ethics and an understanding of why rules are in place.​
  • Ensure 4-H parents and adult mentors realize they are representatives of a larger livestock industry and give them tools to communicate effectively with the general public on behalf of that community.
  • Ensure animals in the Indiana 4-H Program are treated with the utmost care.​

4-H Animal Ethics Team

  • Courtney Stierwalt, 4-H Extension Specialist, Indiana 4-H
  • Amanda Veenhuizen, 4-H Extension Educator, Shelby County
  • Rebecca Wilkins, 4-H Extension Educator, Harrison County
  • Julie Wilson, 4-H Extension Educator, Randolph County
  • Dr. Marisa Erasmus, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Sciences
  • Special Thanks to Aaron Fisher, program creator and former Indiana 4-H Extension Specialist

​​Online Animal Ethics Modules

Animal Grooming Assistance Program

For more information, please contact Courtney Stierwalt, dickerso@purdue.edu, 765-494-8435​