2017 ISFYLC State Fair Board Proposals:

* Interactive Kiosks - Authentic Avocadoes

* Escape Barn - Clever Coconuts

* 5K Run - Driven Doritos

* Coliseum Event Screen - Motivated Mangoes

* Refillable Plastic Cups​​ - Patient Pineapples

2016 ISFYLC State Fair Board Proposals:

* Fair for Everyone - Backcountry Bigfoots

* Tunnel Murals - Classy Cardinals

* Jr. Leader Food Booth - Limestone Leaders

* State Fair Rewards Program - Supa Sundaes

* 4-H Program Display Competition - Trailblazing Trains

* Template for Board Proposals

2017 ISFYLC Mock Legislation

* Authentic Avocadoes

* Clever Coconuts

* Driven Doritos

* Motivated Mangoes

* Patient Pineapples​

2016 ISFYLC Mock Legislation

* Group 1 - Backcountry Bigfoots, Classy Cardinals, Limestone Leaders

* Group 2​ - Supa Sundaes, Trailblazing Trains

* Template for Mock Legislation

Conflict Management Session

* Managing Conflict - What's My Style?

General 4-H Resources

2018 4-H Trips & Conferences - A number of exciting trips and conferences are available through the Indiana 4-H Program. Contact your local Extension Office to find out how to register for these opportunities.

2018 Trips PowerPoint​​ - This PowerPoint presentation provides details on the array of trips and conferences available for 4-H members. Contact your County Extension Office for information on how to register for these trips.

The National Youth Leadership Council is committed to building vital, just communities with young people through service learning. Visit the link below for more resources supporting youth initiatives.​

Indiana State Fair Youth Leadership Conference