Sometimes people think green salad = lettuce = blah. Not so. The only limits to exciting salads are limits of the imagination. Begin with salad greens. Enhance the eye appeal and nutrition of a salad by adding colorful appeal and nutrition of a salad by adding colorful fruits and vegetables. Keep it light by limiting the salad dressing to about 1 tablespoon per 1 ½ to 2 cups of greens. Then make the flavor really POP by adding some of the following ingredients. You can either put them
Attention food handlers, if you are in need of Serve Safe certification (new or renewal) a class will be offered at the White County Extension Office on June 1. For additional information or to register contact the Extension Office at 219-984-5115.
The sniff test may tell you if you wore enough deodorant, but that doesn't always work when deciding if you need to wash your clothes. What you do, the fabric type, the wear and the weather can play a deciding factor. The American Cleaning Institute offers these tips to help determine if it's time to wash those bed sheets, jeans, shirts, socks and underwear.
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The Indiana 4-H Dairy Youth Academy is for 4-H youth in grades 10 - 12 (as of September 1, 2015) who are interested in pursuing a career in the dairy industry. Check out the brochure for more information about this great opportunity! Applications are due June 1st.
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White County 4-H Swine Project Guidelines
Whether you plant them or pick them up at the grocery store or farmers' market, adding fresh herbs is a quick way to transform ordinary meals into extraordinary meals. Besides helping flavor foods when cutting back on salt, fat and sugar, herbs may offer additional benefits of their own. Researchers are finding many culinary herbs (both fresh and dried) have antioxidants that may help protect against such diseases as cancer and heart disease. A snip of a fresh herb into a dish instantly kicks up
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White County 4-H Weather & Climate Science Project Guidelines

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