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4-H Clubs - General Information

February 27, 2019
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Choosing the right 4-H Club is an important step in making the most out of your 4-H experience. Wells County 4-H offers two types of clubs, township and county, with many choices within those two categories to fit your interests. 

Township Clubs (youth in grades 3-12):  In order to take MOST 4-H projects, you would need to join a township club. Usually you would choose the club based on what township you live in, but all township clubs are open to anyone. These clubs have regular meetings to help members get to know each other and to educate members on upcoming events, project rules and tips, and answer general 4-H questions.

The township club leaders are a great resource for 4-H information. Listed below are the clubs available in Wells County and leader contact information.

CHESTER TOWNSHIP: Chester Chargers

Doug & Aimee Paxson - 260-402-1121


HARRISON TOWNSHIP: Hurryin' Harrisons

Janet Ramseyer - 260-824-9668

Amy Moriarity - 260-827-0699



Kelly Jones - 260-228-0217


JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP: Jefferson Knightriders

Barb Werling - 260-438-8028


LANCASTER TOWNSHIP: Lancaster Achievers

Rob & Jenni Hoover - 260-565-3966


LIBERTY TOWNSHIP: Liberty Happy-Go-Lucky

Nick Miller - 260-375-6306



Lee Ann Pease - 260-273-6796



Jodie Bales - 260-402-2603

Jill Shelton - 260-417-0755

Lisa McCune - 260-417-8274



County Clubs: The countywide clubs are larger clubs that are not broken down into smaller townships. The county clubs each focus on one 4-H project and not all projects have a county club. Wells County offers: Llama/Alpaca Club, Dog Club, Horse & Pony Club, Rabbit Club, Archery Club, BB & Rifle Club, Shotgun Club, Junior Leaders Club, & Robotics Club.

Wells County 4-H members may choose one township club and as many county clubs as they wish.

When you pay your 4-H enrollment fee to be a 4-H member, that fee covers any 4-H clubs (township and county) you may join, however, some county clubs do have an additional supply fee to help cover the cost of materials used during club activities. If you are taking a 4-H project that does not have a county club listed above, you will need to enroll in a township club in order to have your record books signed and checked. Leaders of county clubs will sign/check the record books for that specific club/project.


Mini 4-H (Youth in grades K-2): Mini 4-H is meant to be an introduction to 4-H and mostly parent led. There are no regular meetings (with the exception of Mini Horse & Pony and Mini Rabbit), but there is a Mini 4-H Night held each year in June. Members of Mini 4-H may sign up for ONE project and will receive a packet according to which project they select. They can complete as much of the packet as they choose and may exhibit a project of their choice from the packet at the 4-H Fair. All Mini 4-Hers will receive a participation ribbon.


How to Join: Once you've decided which club(s) and projects are right for you, it's time to join 4-H! 4-H enrollment is online and available at the 4-H Online website. Enrollment begins October 1st and ends January 15th. There is an enrollment fee of $20 per member ($60 cap per family) that should be paid online. If you do not have internet access, you can stop by the Wells Co. Extension Office, 1240 4-H Park Road, Bluffton, to use computers there. If there is a supply fee for a club you've joined you will pay that at the first club meeting. Make sure to watch the 4-H Newsletter for information on when and where your club meetings take place. 





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