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Tree care from freeze to slime

August 5, 2020
Japanese maple missing foliage

Japanese maple missing foliage, Photo provided by A.K., Harrison County

Q: Our Japanese red maple tree was full of new leaves when the hard freeze hit. It is just now getting a few leaves again. Should I trim the tree back, or just wait and see what happens? I do not know how much is dead or how much will produce new growth. – A.K., Harrison County

Q:About 18 months ago, my 30-year-old oak tree started weeping a liquid about 15 feet up on one side. A couple of branches way above it appeared to die off. The rest of the tree seemed OK. Later the backside seemed to crack in several places and a liquid flow down the tree. However, the leaves way up remained green and fell in the fall as usual along with huge numbers of acorns. Now almost two years later several cracks have appeared where the liquid flowed, but leaf buds are appearing all over the tree.

It is a huge tree about 14 inches in diameter. Could it have recovered? Is it still in danger? Last summer two small branches grew on this lower part of the tree! The tree is on the front of my residence and provides great shade. I would hate to see it go. Also, it probably would cost nearly $1,000 to remove. J.M., Valparaiso

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