Dr. Jason Henderson
Dr. Jason Henderson - Director of Purdue Extension, Associate Dean for the College of Agriculture and Assistant Vice President of Engagement - will share his insights on how "Purdue Extension is Moving Indiana Forward" at our annual meeting on March 7, 2017.
Discover MyPlate activity
Discover MyPlate lessons create an exciting educational journey through the world of nutrition and health with fun characters to engage the Kindergartners.
Join us for a fun-filled night learning about and tasting mead, painting a masterpiece, and enjoying the company of others!
Save the Date
University of Kentucky and Purdue University Extension Services have teamed up to once again offer the Ohio Valley Small Farm and Garden Conference to help current, beginning, and prospective small farmers and gardeners in the Tri-state plan, improve, and diversify gardens and farm operations.
Dairy Youth Conference 2017
4-H Logo
CSI: Cow Scene Investigation Join us for the 13th Annual Indiana 4-H Dairy Youth Conference! Bessy, our prized cow, is not feeling well...help us figure out what caused her illness so she can get better!
Be Heart Smart
The Be Heart Smart program is for anyone who wants to reduce their risk for heart disease. Learn how to monitor your risk factors and make simple changes to your daily routine that will improve your heart health. The program consists of two 2-hour lessons on February 23rd and March 2nd from -8pm. Please register by 2/21/17 by calling (812) 897-6100.
This series offers current and aspiring backyard fruit growers the opportunity to learn from the experts about ways to increase the success and satisfaction of quality fruit production in their home landscape as well as ways to store, preserve and prepare the fruits of their labors.

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2016 Purdue Extension Annual Report

Purdue Extension Annual Report 2016

What comes to mind when you think of Purdue Extension? There may be more to us than you realize. Learn all about our organization — and our most recent accomplishments in the State of Indiana — in the 2016 Purdue Extension Annual Report!

















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