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Do you have your animals purchased and ready to enroll? Be sure to read this newsletter with enrollment procedures for your animals. We were successful at implementing this new state wide process of 4-H Online animal entry last year. Be on the watch in late May for one more step that will need to accomplished online with your animal projects. The Animal Location form is required to be turned in with your animal enrollment worksheets. Rabbit and Poultry entry will continue with paper enrollm
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The Shooting Sports program is designed to teach the safe use of firearms and archery equipment on the shooting range and in the hunting field, to instill the importance of home firearms responsibility, and to develop the skills to properly handle firearms and archery equipment. The shooting disciplines available are archery, rifle, pistol, and shotgun. A Hunter Education course will be made available for all shooting sports members prior to participating in shooting events.
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4-H Camp June 2-4, Warren County 4-H Fair, June 14-18, Indiana State Fair August 5-21
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Warren County 4-H Junior Leaders
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Hi! Winter has arrived with the bitter cold. Keeping motivated to stay active can be difficult during these winter months. I know that I, too, sometimes get lazy and don't want to move. The couch seems to have strong, comforting arms that don't want to let me go. But, if I resist and get up and move, I'm amazed at how much better I feel and can feel my energy level rise also. If you are starting out, make sure that you have your doctor's OK to be active. Start where you are comfortable -

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Purdue Extension Annual Report

Purdue Extension Annual Report 2015

What comes to mind when you think of Purdue Extension? There may be more to us than you realize. Learn all about our organization — and our most recent accomplishments in the State of Indiana and for the people who call it home — in the 2015 Purdue Extension Annual Report!

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