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Securing Indiana's Pork Supply

September 18, 2020
Indiana Pork

Indiana Pork

What is the National Secure Pork Supply Plan?

The National Secure Pork Supply (SPS) Continuity of Business Plan is an initiative that provides opportunities for producers to voluntarily prepare before a disease outbreak. This will better prepare swine operations that have no evidence of infection to move animals under a movement permit issued by regulatory officials and maintain business continuity during a Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) outbreak. Producers are encouraged to visit www.securepork.org to read more about the National Secure Pork Supply Plan.
How to Participate in Indiana
To integrate the foundational elements of the national plan into Indiana's disease response framework, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) encourages producer participation in Securing Indiana's Pork Supply. As part of voluntary participation in Securing Indiana's Pork Supply, BOAH requires that the following items be completed:

While all the listed items are required, the order in which these items are completed is not prescribed. Some items may be the responsibility of the producer to complete. For others, BOAH is asking for producers to work with their swine veterinarian(s).
Action Items in Indiana

To learn more about the requirements for voluntary participation, visit the Securing Indiana’s Pork Supply webpage at https://www.in.gov/boah/2889.htm or contact Dr. Kelli Werling at kwerling@boah.in.gov or (317) 607-7071.

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