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4-H Shooting Sports

April 21, 2021
Hunter Education

Hunter Education

Warren County 4-H 
Shooting Sports

The Shooting Sports program is designed to teach the safe use of firearms and archery equipment on the shooting range and in the hunting field, to instill the importance of home firearms responsibility, and to develop the skills to properly handle firearms and archery equipment. The shooting disciplines available are archery, rifle, pistol, and shotgun. A Hunter Education course will be made available for all shooting sports members prior to participating in shooting events. 

Shooting Disciplines:  Archery, Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol, Muzzleloader

Shooting Sports, Hunter Safety Education 

The Hunter Education course is not required for your participation in the 4-H Shooting Sports project, but is encouraged.  

Range Opportunities coming in May

* If you have not signed up for 4-H this year, please do so on 4-H online (v2.4honline.com)

Contact Information, Co-Superintendents:
         Steve Childress, Cell (765)-491-7397
                                    Home (765) 762-8436

         Jonathan Nern, Cell (765)250-1589
                                   Home (765)385-0174


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